Amber Waves Announces the Most Exotic and Adorable Gift for Holiday Season: A Pygmy Goat

Norco, California – This holiday season, a new offering promises to transform the life of owners and those around them to its core. The product on sale is a truly exotic pet, whose very presence at home will bring a smile and everlasting joy to everyone around. Amber Waves is pleased to reveal the mystery, and it’s a sweet, adorable and fun loving Pygmy goat!

Bred in a most loving environment with expert hands, the Pygmy goat is the best gift one can bring home for kids to grow up with, or keep it as a show, and the more adventurous ones can even order an entire herd. Amber Waves is an internationally known, award winning breeder, and exporter of African Pygmy Goats.

There is something about goats (and shepherdesses) that pleases and nourishes our inner human psyche, carrying a deep association with the carefree, fun loving and relaxed nomadic life. The same feeling of adventure and romance can now be brought home in the form of Pygmy goats raised from the finest stock, and available in one of the largest selections available in the US. Pygmy goats can be selected based on criteria such as color, temperament (bottle raised, or dam raised), quantity, show or pet.

Amber Waves has now been around for over 35 years, run by Jim and Debbie. The duo have dedicated their lives to raising hand-raised family pets, individual breeding animals and entire herds with a strict herd management program. The goats delivered are thus healthy, well adjusted and ready for love and attention. The business today enjoys rave reviews and 5-star ratings at Google, Yelp, BBB, and customers in general.

“We just don’t sell goats. We will even help you raise them! Customers of Amber Waves also get free lifetime support and automated health reminders. Along with an adorable pet, you thus get an expert to discuss any goat related issue. We love talking about goats and helping folks out,” say Jim and Debbie, whose customers include Hollywood celebrities such as Tori Spelling, Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green, Terry Bradshaw and others.

“Bottle feeding and bonding with our Baby Pygmy goats from Amber Waves is one of the best things that ever happened to our family! Debbie and Jim, who are such sweethearts, continue to love our goats and are always there to answer our questions, even after more than two years,” says a recent customer. 

For their passion and dedicated service, Amber Waves has won recognition and honors at many places, including 428 champions, 4 Premier Exhibitor awards, 7 Premier Breeder awards, 5 Herdsman awards, and 1 National Champion Buck award.

Buyers of Pygmy goats from Jim and Debbie can rest assured that they will always be at hand to share their expert advice and tips whenever needed. All Pygmy goats are raised and delivered in excellent health with the help of regular yearly lab testing and clearances. Shipping is professional and free from all hassles and pain.

About Amber Waves

Founded in 1982 Amber Waves is an international known breeder, exporter, and broker of African Pygmy Goats. Amber Waves dedicates itself to producing and selling top quality miniature goats from hand raised family pets, individual breeding animals to complete herds. All miniature goats sold have a negative CAE, CL or Johne’s lab report within the last 365 days unless a baby under six months, then the parents are tested negative. Our customer support is exceptional from automatic reminders sent out when your miniature goat needs shots or worming to lifetime support. You can count on Amber Waves to be there. Amber Waves we also breeds Bearded Bantam Silkies, and Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian dogs.

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