Despite Changes for the Better Over 11% of Americans Need a DIY Credit Repair Kit

Americans are doing much better with their credit. However, millions of people still need help with fixing their score. CJ The Credit Fixer offers a DIY credit repair kit that can teach one how to solve this problem quickly and efficiently.

According to the latest statistics, over 20% of Americans have an excellent credit score. This number has been steadily growing since the last recession. However, despite this positive dynamic, about 11.8% of the nation still have poor or even below poor credit score. With about 19% not having credit at all. It’s that 11.8% group that needs to use a DIY credit repair kit. This progressive solution, offered by a long-time expert in finances CJ The Credit Fixer enables one to resolve their issues fast.

CJ’s offering is a course available at It’s a comprehensive program, that covers all the nuances of a truly effective Do-It-Yourself credit repair plan. The solution is simple and can be implemented by anyone.

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How to Fix My Credit with the Help of CJ The Credit Fixer?

When one is looking to learn from CJ The Credit Fixer, the right question to ask is ‘How can I fix my credit by myself?’ CJ does not operate as some shady agents, which offer to fix client’s problems. He also doesn’t give illegal advice or suggest banal things, like ‘pay the bills on time’.

What this new Do-It-Yourself credit repair kit provides is the knowledge necessary to understand how credit scores operate and how to influence them. CJ offers original strategies that can be adapted to people with varied levels of income.

Can I Just Fix My Credit Cheap and Fast?

A staggering number of Americans ask that question, which is incorrect by its very existence. Credit score is a statistical number calculated through a variety of complex formulas. Unfortunately, about 60% of the nation do not understand what a credit score is and what it does.

This simple 3-digit number determines one’s level of creditworthiness. Simply put, it’s what tells the lender whether a loan applicant will be able to pay off their debt. The lower the score is, the higher are the rates offered by lenders.

The DIY credit repair kit from CJ The Credit Fixer is a guide to upping one’s score with maximum efficiency in the minimal amount of time. However, one must always be aware that no matter the quality of Do-It-Yourself credit repair letters, their score can’t be changed in a month with a ‘quick fix’. The method in which credit rating is calculated makes this impossible.

However, taking right steps in the right order and regularly is vital to improve one’s score by the end of the year. CJ The Credit Fixer’s DIY credit repair course teaches what those steps are.

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