Greening Deserts Projects Want to Plant over 100 Billion Trees Worldwide

Leipzig, Germany – 5 December, 2017 – During the World Climate Conference COP 23 in Bonn, good news and announcement of Oliver Gediminas Caplikas.

Greening Deserts projects want to plant over 100 billion trees worldwide, especially in Europe and Africa during the next years. Together with the nations and awesome projects like Greening Coasts, Great Green Wall, Great Green Wall North Africa, The Green Belt Movement and the Trillion Trees Campaign the goal can be reached fast and efficient.

Alone the Sahara is an area of 9,500,000 square kilometres, this is equal 950,000,000 ha (950 million hectares). If just on 10% of this area trees would be planted, it could convert 95 million hectares dry and barren wasteland into fertile landscapes. The idea is to establish greening camps and connect schools, universities and other institutions to the Greening Deserts projects and partner programs. A broad education, culture and science is very important for the projects. With active participation and real support of the concerned regions and financial help of all nations and goverments we can start with first preperations still this year and in 2018 on site – and see first results still that year. With our worldwide greening, forestation, afforestation, reforestation and research projects we can reduce global warming significantly. To cool down cities or urban areas (Global Cooling), more parks, city forests or urban woods and green roofs (rooftop greening) are required.

Greening Deserts finished an extensive but easy to understand business plan, concept, market study and master plan for professional greening and research in surface mining or post-mining landscapes. This concept is an special extract of the general concept and main masterplan of Greening Deserts projects and can be used for many kinds of deserts or drylands, savannas or grasslands.

About Greening Deserts:

Greening Deserts projects are for arid or dry, hot or cold regions. Offering professional greening services and solutions for coastal, subtropical, cold and semi-arid areas nearby water sources like lakes, rivers, seas or oceans!

Greening Deserts is a cultural, educational, economic, social, scientific and sustainable agriculture project using classical greening or gardening methods but also new and alternative techniques like hydroponics, permaculture and vermaculture. In short, Greening Deserts is an economical, educational, cultural, social, scientific and sustainable project to reduce desertification and global warming.

More details and information you can find on the official pages.

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