ECrent expands sharing economy operations at the global stage

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ECrent (, the largest and most extensive global product sharing and rental platform announces a new partnership with Event Strategy Consulting (, a PR consulting firm based in New York and specialized in brand globalization. Through ECrent, consumers can utilize the sharing economy, which promotes peer-to-peer sharing and waste reduction around the world.

NEW YORK – With ECrent, users from 180+ countries can post items for rent online, in addition to creating their own online rental stores. (Click here to see how to rent.)By utilizing the sharing economy, ECrent allows users renting out items to go green while making money. Renters of products can save money by renting instead of buying, lessening the impact of consumption. Renters who eventually purchase rented items are able to try before buying. Using ECrent, consumers can help battle the problem of overconsumption plaguing the world. 

Environment protection drove ECrent to begin its rental platform. “Overconsumption is a key problem in the modern developed world,” as founder Thomas Chan believes. “This overconsumption is not sustainable, and we need to change the human consumption pattern.” Chan created ECrent because he hopes to begin a consumption revolution to save the planet. Will you be part of the consumption revolution too? There are so many ways to get involved and win while you are making change!

Through ECrent, users have many category choices to upload products or rent. Do you need to rent a car for a few days? A car is a huge investment that many people feel they need, but with ECrent, you can rent any type available on the platform. Options vary from Ferraris to Mustangs to Ford Focuses. You can have your choice of car at your choice of time. Cars are not all ECrent has to offer, though.

Did you ever think you would be able to rent wedding services through a global, world-saving app? Through ECrent, rent wedding gowns and tuxedos, jewelry, venues, and wedding planners. You will also find services for catering and photography, all available to rent. And if you have old things from your own wedding just getting dusty on your shelves? Take a minute to download ECrent, and you too will be able to profit through ECrent. As an added bonus, you will be helping others refrain from consuming more than necessary while making money too. 

Shopping around on ECrent, you will find cars and items for special events for rent. You will also find every day items. Consumers can find sports gear for rent, as well as fashion pieces and electronics. If you are searching for new ways to improve your lifestyle, you will find it on ECrent: The lifestyle section contains books, movies, boats, and art. You will not find another app to help you improve your lifestyle the way that ECrent can. Be green and save money while reducing your impact on the environment. 

ECrent supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable development is every corporation’s duty today. In every part of the product development process, companies should consider sustainability. ECrent does this by extending products’ lifecycle. By aiming to bring about a consumption revolution, ECrent supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and encourages users to become involved. ECrent allows users to maximize the use of a product and minimize the impact made on the planet.

Ecrent Capital Holdings Limited operates ECrent platforms and local business operations across 30 countries and regions. Cleantech Solutions International, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLNT) has announced that it has entered into exclusive discussions with ECrent Capital Holdings Limited (“ECrent”). Both companies are dedicated to sustainable business and developing cleaner practices for production.

Visit ECrent to find out how to join the global rental platform and to learn more about simple actions you can take to be green. You can also find the ECrent app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Do your part in the consumption revolution by renting your items on ECrent. 

About ECrent:

Established in 2013, ECrent is the world’s largest and most extensive global online rental platform. We encourage people to share through renting for a sustainable future. Each month, ECrent already acquires over 100 million page views with users spanning 180+ countries around the world, covering rental items from 35 countries and places worldwide.

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