Yiiri breaks away from the norm in the Ride-Sharing industry with its advanced Referral System Set Up

Up and Coming New Ride-Sharing Company, Yiiri, is revolutionizing the Ride-Sharing industry with the introduction of its advance Unilevel Referral System Set Up that allows riders and drivers to earn more and enjoy their journey.

Yiiri is currently entering its Beta stage and is poised to change the industry with its innovative products designed to make Ride-Sharing more profitable and convenient for riders and drivers alike. One of the innovations from the company is its advance Unilevel Referral System Set Up. The Unilevel referral system helps Yiiri stand out from the competition with its unique features and benefits for both the driver and rider.

Ride-Sharing has become increasingly popular over the years. The reasons for this increased popularity and acceptance are not far fetched. One of such benefits of Ride-Sharing is that it gives drivers or car owners an opportunity to make money on the side. Ride-Sharing also saves the riders the stress of being behind the wheel for long hours, while allowing anyone without cars to enjoy comfortable and easy transit from one location to the other.

Another benefit of Ride-Sharing that is often overlooked by many is that it saves the ecosystem from pollution associated with having many cars on the road at the same time. While Yiiri combines all the features and benefits of Ride-Sharing mentioned above, the company goes a step further with its advance revenue share commission plan.

The advanced Referral System Set Up allows drivers and even riders to earn even when they are not driving or riding just by sharing the service. This is possible as drivers and riders can earn by just referring driver or rider to Yiiri. Consequently, they earn a revshare from the driver’s revenue and the rider’s share 5 levels deep.

Being a member of Yiiri is quite easy and the benefits are overwhelming. Drivers with Yiiri also enjoy immense benefits from the company, rewarding hardworking drivers and creating an avenue to make full-time income while working part-time hours.

The company is not only helping people ease their transportation challenges and creating an income opportunity, but is also dedicated to saving one of human’s strongest allies – the Bees. As part of the company’s plan to stop the decline in the population of honeybee, Yiiri is planning on donating rounded up fares to bee farmers/institutions. Yiiri is on a mission to help everyone take control of their time and money while helping our amazing planet.

More information about Yiiri and the features of the platform can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Yiiri

Yiiri is a new Ride-Sharing company, providing a unique platform for people to enjoy comfortable and prompt transportation from one location to another, while earning money on the side either as a driver or rider. In addition to providing the traditional services offered by other Ride-Sharing companies, Yiiri allows drivers and riders to earn through its advanced Unilevel referral system set up.

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Company Name: Yiiri
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Country: United States
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