Improve Employees’ Health and Increase Productivity via JS Benefit Group’s Wellness Program

Helping improve work place productivity with an exceptional health insurance plan, JS Benefits Group offers strategic HR policies and wellness program consultancy to businesses.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – 12/5/2017 — JS Benefits Group, an employee benefits consultancy company, helps businesses educate employees about the importance of maintaining their health. The company focuses on strategically crafting HR policies that help both employees and employers. The founder, Jennifer Schaefer, has over 25 years of experience in the industry and aims to help businesses grow by empowering their workforce. 

The consultancy firm follows 4 simple rules when it comes to helping businesses: providing superior quality customer services; forming strategic partnerships to become an extension for HR policies; taking a proactive approach, and investing in the most effective industry technology. Furthermore, the company has managed to retain over 900 clients since its inception. 

“We understand that providing exceptional employee benefits is something businesses struggle with. This is why we have created benefit programs that not only help the employees but employers as well. Our wellness program is designed to help organizations educate their employees about the importance of maintaining their health, without compromising on financial stability,” explained the spokesperson for the company, when talking about the company’s policies. 

According to the University of Michigan Depression Center, job strain and insecurity is one of the leading factors of depression in the workplace. Many employees feel inadequate when they have to work in stressful environments. Dealing with finicky managers and demanding clients can take a toll on the mental wellbeing of workers. This leads to absenteeism. 

Many workers call in sick to work thanks to anxiety and depression. Some find it difficult to perform basic tasks. This, equipped with the fact that most managers are unaware of the effects of a stressful work environment on the health of employees, can also make a significant difference. 

“A wellness program isn’t just beneficial to employees, it’s also beneficial for employers. In order to effectively work together with their team, employers need to learn about the significance of taking care of mental and physical health. The program also covers educating workers about chronic illnesses such as diabetes and its impact on workplace productivity,” explained the spokesperson for the company, highlighting the importance of a well-planned health policy. 

By educating both managers and employees about the importance of maintaining their health, JS Benefits Group helps businesses improve productivity and draft a strategic HR policy that benefits everyone in the company. 

About the Company

JS Benefits Group helps empower employees and employers by offering exceptional HR consultancy services and wellness programs. Their wellness program includes vision, dental, disabilities etc. 


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