Arizona Company Releases First At-Home Filter For Five-Gallon Water Jugs

Phil-Up Poised to Save Americans Millions of Dollars and Minimize Environmental Impact of Water Refill

PHOENIX, AZ, December 5th , 2017 – A water filter unlike any other has sprung from Phoenix, Arizona.  Phil-Up is the first at-home water filter designed for use on five-gallon water jugs and water coolers. Phil-Up was created to work with all pop top water jugs which is NSF 42 and NSF 53 certified. The filter is gaining traction among households and businesses across the US with its popularity growing principally via word-of-mouth.

Easy-to-use, timely, and cost-efficient, Phil-Up is the brainchild of two fledgling entrepreneurs in college who took it upon themselves to solve the irritating hassles of having to haul water jugs to the nearest filling stations to get clean drinking water. Phil-Up allows people to make use of everyday water from their sink, hose, or any other water source found near the current location of their water jug. A single Phil-Up filter lasts for 150 gallons or 30 refills of a five-gallon water jug, making it a smart investment for water cooler owners, regardless of the frequency with which they drink water from their water stations.

What makes Phil-Up stand out is its incredible ease of use: the filter is simply inserted into a water jug that has been filled all the way up with tap water, and then, flipped over and placed on their water cooler. Bubbles will appear to come from the top of the Phil-Up filter, indicating that it has started filtering and refilling the reservoir, making the water ready for consumption.

“With talks of clean water becoming scarce, and the tremendous environmental impact of plastic containers, we took it upon ourselves, along with a team of engineers, to create a simple and robust filter that would fit five-gallon water jugs and water coolers, which are found in every corner of the country,” states Mr. Eddie Prchal, the company’s media representative.  “Phil-Up changes the five-gallon water industry one fill up at a time, doing away with the need for costly water deliveries, saving people precious time and money which they would otherwise spend on trips to and from water filling stations. It also maximizes the longevity of any given water jug, resulting in considerable savings for businesses and homeowners alike.  It’s contribution to environmental conservation can’t be overlooked as well. It’s an overall simple, yet incredibly effective means to enjoy fresh water at all times – without taxing the environment in the process!”

Phil-Up is available for purchase through the company’s website. Making drinking water at home easier than ever before, Phil-Up has also developed an Auto-Phil program which delivers filters directly to customers’ doors at pre-selected dates, based on the frequency with which customers tend to refill their water jugs. There are currently three Auto-Phil subscription packages, delivering a new filter every two, three, or four months.  Anyone interested in signing up for this convenient program can obtain more information on company’s Auto-Phil subscription page.

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