The Next big thing in home automation debuts on Indiegogo

Wiscloud Inc. has come up with a futuristic smart home automation system based on proprietary network that assures to take home automation to a whole new level.

Lake Elsinore, CA – December 5, 2017 – Lake Elsinore-based high-tech R&D company Wiscloud Inc. has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo to support its innovative signature home automation system. Titled as “Wiscloud”, the smart device is based on proprietary Nebula communication protocol which has shown to offer much longer & safer control on home automation. The revolutionary system is a unique cloud-based server which operates on home & environment and enables users to monitor & control any fixture that has ON/OFF switch through internet, smartphone, computer or tablet. It even works when the internet is not working and banks on its own network to run homes. 

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise around $50,000 within a month.

“Home automation products are not new but the current products pose many issues like unreliable Bluetooth & WiFi network, short connecting distance and they are also not secured enough against hacking. Our Wiscloud is invented to eliminate all such woes so that you can enjoy a breakthrough, most convenient and most secured home automation. Our system stands out with its unique self-operating mode based on our proprietary network Nebula which is more reliable and safer than Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It’s a completely automatic mesh network which transfers information utilizing the shortest route and that too with utmost efficiency. Unlike current counterparts, it does not need controller-router set up where when the controller fails, the entire system will break down. Wiscloud can act as both controller & router and hence is any-day more reliable than existing home automation systems. It has its own internet hub and does not require WiFi connection or internet service for operation. We are now looking forward to mass production and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring the next big thing in home automation to the world”, stated Dennis Fai Wong, partner and marketing director of Wiscloud.

Wiscloud can be used for Smart Homes, Smart Cities as well as for Commercial and agriculture sectors. One of the best parts about the system is that the user does not need to count monthly fees. The innovative smart home automation system comprises of 3 main parts – 

Wisbox Mini 

It’s the brain (control center) of the system and is able to connect to thousands of devices, covers multiple floors & can reach up to around 30 rooms.

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Unique Smart Light switches 

These switches are designed to be hyper-customizable and users are able to program one or several functions in just one push of a button. The Smart Switches gas the easiest way to set the desired ambience in your room in just one single action. It sports back-lit for convenient visibility in the dark and its sturdy construction (backed by powerful tempered glass) makes it heat, water and strength resistant.

Smart sensors

The system comes with 6 innovative air quality sensors that monitor and control different aspects of home environment. Most importantly, the sensors are able to quickly sense a limit breach or an issue. The moment the system senses danger, it immediately triggers response, sends message and even activates Artificial Intelligence to address the problem. 

“We have got the whole product line of smart home automation and security devices ready. Moreover, our system is intelligently designed to control many other brands of electronic devices.” 

Wiscloud further assures a convenient life for the elderly at home. The system will allow them to operate any fixture at home remotely in the push of a button. Moreover, the system comes with a SOS button to help seniors ask for immediate help in times of emergencies. 

A cool host of rewards are waiting for backers. These include Smart Home Starter kit, door/window security sensor, Wisbox Mini control center, smart room control and more.

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