Life Coach, Author and Speaker Marion Montgomery Publishes New Book to Share Proven Techniques to Transform Lives from Tragedy to Triumph

Motivational speaker, life coach and leading psychotherapy expert Marion Montgomery has written a powerful new self-development book that will inspire readers to conquer challenges in their lives and turn their setbacks into success.

Houston, TX – December 5, 2017 – With the holiday season around the corner, it’s the time to raise toasts, give gifts and experience holiday joy. However, there are some who feel overwhelmed by all of the fear and turmoil happening in our world and can’t seem to feel the “holiday spirit”. Leading psychotherapy expert author and speaker Marion Montgomery has recently launched a new self-development book which will help readers to beat the holiday blues and transform their lives from tragedy to triumph.

Her book, entitled “When Life Happens: Dare Stretch Prosper Becoming Your Best You Despite Life’s Difficulties”, is a powerful life-changing memoir that inspires readers to successfully overcome emotional pain and rebuild their lives with a positive attitude after a traumatic event. In her book, the author uses her expertise as a seasoned psychotherapist and counselor to address typical counseling issues like loss, grief, identity crisis, life setbacks and failure to teach others how to turn their pain into power.  

The book teaches step-by-step methods to help readers rebuild their lives by:

  • Overcoming Setbacks: Readers will be able to discover the keys to bounce back from failures and setbacks
  • Managing Grief and Loss: Readers will learn the needed steps to properly walk through the grieving process 
  • Facing Fears: Readers will learn to develop the right outlook to face their fears  courageously 

“It’s a great moment for me to announce the launch my new book ‘When Life Happens’. It’s a life changing memoir aimed to help you to overcome setbacks and look forward to the New Year with optimism and joy. It’s rich in valuable lessons and practical strategies to beat negative thoughts and self destructive behaviors in order to develop the positive thinking skills that will build your road to success in life. With my new book, my readers will learn techniques to embrace the experiences of life, learn the necessary lessons from them, enhance their positive thinking skills and develop personal happiness”, stated Marion Montgomery while talking about her new inspiring book. 

“When Life Happens” shares expert advice on how to bring self-direction in life in a balanced way that will help individuals to discover “that something” within them which will drive them towards their dreams, despite challenges and adversities in life. The book covers five strategies and 21 tips that will enable the reader to tap into his/her potential and talents in order to overcome obstacles with joy. It teaches readers to rise above the circumstances that seem to be beyond their control, conquer major life challenges and reset their lives to enjoy internal peace, abundance and happiness.

About the Author:

Marion Montgomery is a certified life-coach, licensed psychotherapist, sought-after motivational speaker and author. She is the founder of OnPoint Counseling and and has transformed several lives through her expert life coaching and counseling based on the strategies she herself used to rise from setbacks in her own life.  

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