Christine Clayfield Announces Release of “No Fourth River” a Shocking True Story Novel

Child abuse, modern-day slavery and a woman’s fight for survival. The new novel based on a true story “No Fourth River” covers all of this and much more in a way guaranteed to impact how readers view the world and its often unseen, dark challenges.

Childhood should be one of the happiest parts of a person’s life, setting the foundation to who they are as a person and how they view and interact with other people and the world.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case.  No ones knows this better than author Christine Clayfield, who lived a childhood of remarkable levels of pain, abuse and what can only be described as slavery.  Her recently released book “No Fourth River” is both a novel and a true story telling her past in a way that opens eyes, sends a powerful warning of what can go on behind closed doors and also gives a testament to the type of heroism a girl or woman can be capable of when she is pushed beyond the extreme of extremes.


“I’m sharing all in ‘No Fourth River’ in a way that I hope not only tells my story, but also helps others somehow if even in a small way,”  commented Clayfield.   

According to Clayfield, the amount of physical abuse she withstood, and describes in her book is stunning.  It includes not just slaps, punches and being forced into painful positions she had to hold for hours at a time, but even degenerated into electroshock therapy.  Starting with her rich, but ultra-abusive father and continuing in a very violent marriage, some would likely suggest it’s something of a miracle she survived without physical long lasting injuries, let alone being about to write a true story novel.

“No Fourth River” is next to impossible to put down once it has been started and even more difficult to forget after reading about Clayfield’s near lifetime of serious, hardcore abuse.  Clearly having found her vocation as an emotion-filled, compelling author, for those who appreciate quality novels based on a true story, “No Fourth River” is not something to be missed.

Early feedback for the Christine Clayfield novel has been wildly positive.

Richard Peters, Editor, recently said, “This is powerful stuff. I like your frank, no excuses yet no shame writing style. It’s rare to find a script that actually has me thinking about it later. A story that strikes at a visceral level and latches onto the brain like a tick… now that’s good writing.”

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