Shared Data Storage Solutions for Church Data

Every single day, we encounter people who work in different church roles throughout the nation and beyond. While some of them are information technology staff or another form of tech employees, most of them are not familiar the fundamentals of dealing with a software firm. It is not a surprise that you find them asking multiple questions about post production workflow and the management techniques used in the church including cloud. According to a survey carried out in 2013, 90% of big churches are using cloud technology while just over 50% of all the churches with slightly over 1000 worshippers attending on a weekly basis are using some sought of cloud technology. As more and more churches see the importance of this technology, its use continues to grow. There are several benefits offered by cloud storage technology to a church. They include:


When you take into consideration the information stored in a church database, you may find records of people ranging from the lows of 300 to 30,000. The amount of hardware and 10gbe switch required to store the data and files of all these members plus the weekly and daily sermon in video or audio forms is unfathomable. However, you will not need to worry about hardware cost with your information stored in cloud technology. You will also forfeit the cost of maintenance and upkeep required to maintain all those records in good shape. Cloud enables you to access such records efficiently and quickly as compared to the church trying to utilize limited technology. The church will also experience minimal downtime due to the size of backup in the event that there is a system outage. 

Security and safety

Storing your data in cloud technology ensures that it is safe from damage and theft as compared to the conventional data storage methods. Even though all data is susceptible to damage or theft, an experienced cloud expert can withstand the risks involved where churches may not afford such information security. Credible cloud technology providers will invest heavily in disaster recovery plans and antivirus software to protect the information of the church. They will also protect the hardware from physical damage and natural calamities. 

Hassle-free convenience 

Many churches will often fall short of the technological apparatus to manage the massive information that is in their extensive databases. However, even the churches that have a full IT department with all the staff do not need to burden the church with data storage. Cloud technology utilization means less worry and stress for the local church.

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