Winter Lawn Care is Especially Important to Summer Green

Though people who own homes with lawns might start out thinking that the only time to pay attention to their lawn is during the growing season, experience will teach them otherwise. Lawn care is a year-round responsibility, though it may be more intense at certain times than at others. Here are some things to be mindful of when it comes to winter lawn care:

Snow Removal

Snow may actually be good for a lawn. Though it seems counterintuitive, a blanket of snow on the grass insulates it. But a blanket of snow on a driveway or walkway can be dangerous. Not only can the person not see exactly where they are stepping, but snow can hide a layer of ice. Because of this, snow removal services are important. These services remove snow and ice in ways that are safe, effective and do not damage either the plantings near the pavement nor the pavement itself. Environmentally safe products such as sand or wood ash can be applied to the ground to help melt the ice and snow and give traction to boots and tires.


The irrigation that helps to water a lawn can be simple, with a sprinkler head attached to a hose or very complex, with a network of underground tubes, soaker hoses and sprinkler heads all around the property. Winterizing the property’s irrigation system needs to be done before the really cold weather sets in, especially if the lawn is in an area where the winters are brutal. Many homeowners know to winterize their irrigation systems themselves, but a professional adds another level of protection. This is sprinkler system blowout. This simply means that all of the water in the system needs to be blown out of it before it can freeze and burst pipes and hoses.

During this maintenance job, professionals use an air compressor to clear the water from the system. The level of pressure needed depends on whether the pipes are rigid or whether they are made out of polyethylene or another flexible material. The system is blown out one zone at a time, then the hoses are disconnected.


It takes only a few maintenance and troubleshooting jobs to protect the lawn and property throughout the winter. When the warm weather returns, the homeowner can enjoy their lawn and be confident that winter has left no unwelcome surprises.

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