Thermal Oxidizers Improve Industrial Air Emissions

Thermal incinerators serve as ideal control systems for air pollution in industrial processes. This control unit destroys volatile organic compounds, harmful air pollutants, and odorous emissions discharged from manufacturing and industrial air flows. You can design fume incinerators in a way that the heat recovery unit uses a regenerative process to improve its efficiency. These oxidizers are called regenerative fume incinerators (RTO).

How a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Works

The regenerative thermal oxidizer runs in two phases, namely the pollutant destruction stage and clean air cycle phase.

Pollutant Destruction Phase

The oxidation process begins at this stage, whereby an extreme pressure fan pushes the exhaust fumes from emission sources to the oxidizer as its input. The input contains pollutant which is then channeled into energy recovery cylinder with the help of an inlet switch valve. After that, the airstream progresses on a path from the valve assembly to the primary heat exchanger. Due to the chemical and thermodynamic effects, energy is channeled from the ceramic media to the airstream, making the particles in the airstream to move with high velocity. This rise in temperatures is referred to as airstream preheating, before reaching to the combustion chamber. As this air moves into the tank, it is trapped, and the temperatures of the air rise creating a chemical reaction called the thermal oxidation thereby destroying all the contaminants in the combustion chamber.

Clean Air Cycle

This is the second stage of the thermal oxidizing process where the purified air is channeled out of the combustion chamber and directed into a second energy recovery cylinder. In this phase, the atmosphere is at a remarkably higher temperature than in the ceramic media canister, making the media to act as a heat reservoir. The last stage involves reemission of the purified and clean air to the atmosphere via an outlet switch valve. Thanks to Intellishare for coming up with such useful devices to maintain purified air for a healthy living. The regenerative oxidizer process has beneficial property of achieving reliable and high thermal energy efficiency and over 99% optimal destruction efficiency.

The highest percentage of the hazardous air emitted to the atmosphere comes from the industries that manufacture products used in running daily activities. However, it cannot be practical to do away with the emission sources since they have economic benefits they come with. The ideal way is to utilize control systems such as the fume incinerators to control and improve industrial air emissions effectively.

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