Will Bitcoin be Accepted by Amazon in 2018?

LAS VEGAS, NV – 6 Dec, 2017 – Overstock.com one of Amazon’s biggest online competitors’ has been accepting Bitcoin for several years now. Many Bitcoin investors are chomping at the bit anticipating the Feb 2nd conference call from Amazon. Their hope is that Amazon will announce it will start accepting Bitcoin as a payment option.

If a powerhouse like Amazon.com announces it accepts Bitcoin it could possibly cause Bitcoin’s price to skyrocket up 20%- 30% in a day and could entice hundreds of thousands of new Bitcoin investors to quickly sign up with www.CoinBase.com

Cybersecurity legend John McAfee predicts Bitcoin could hit $1mil by 2020. Boy we all hope he is right.

The main thing to remember with Bitcoin is the maximum number of 21 million coins that can be mined and produced. The number can’t be increased like corporate stocks can. Companies are constantly issuing new shares thus diluting their current shares. Bitcoin is different, it has a finite number of coins which can be mined and thus sold. Bitcoin in reality is many times more rare then gold & diamonds. Today 1 Bitcoin sells for almost 10x the price of an ounce of gold. Some people predict in a year or two Bitcoin could sell for 50x – 100x the price of an ounce of gold, and if it does then Bitcoin will be selling at $60,000 to $120,000 each. 

The second thing for potential investors to remember is don’t let the current seemingly high $11,000 price scare you from investing. Months from now you may look back and realize $11,000 was actually a bargain. Some experts suggest that even if you can’t afford to buy a whole Bitcoin you can always buy a fraction of a Bitcoin. Buying 1/10 of a Bitcoin will only cost you about $1100 and that 1/10 of a Bitcoin could possibly be worth $6,000 or $12,000 in the future.

Remember only buy with what you can afford to totally lose. Most people should invest no more than 5% – 10% of their savings in a high risk investment like Bitcoin. Several so-called financial gurus think Bitcoin is a bubble that will inevitably burst, and burst it may but it could hit $50k $100k or $1mil before it does and thus produce many cryptocurrency millionaires in the process. Either way block-chain is here to stay!

Years ago gold & silver prospecting and mining used to take shovels and getting your hands dirty, today cryptocurrency prospecting and mining can be done with a desktop computer, laptop or a smartphone. 

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