How Can Criminal Conviction be Kept Off One’s Record?

ANN ARBOR, MI – 6 Dec, 2017 –

Keep a Criminal Conviction Off Your Record

Many young people charged with crimes are concerned about the impact a criminal conviction may have on their future. A criminal conviction could negatively impact someone applying for a job. Or a criminal conviction could look bad when applying to colleges. For young people, concerns about the future are at the front of their concerns when charged with a crime. 

One of the main questions I get when clients come to my office is if there is any way to help them keep a clean record. 

Fortunately for these young people there is a mechanism to keep a conviction off their record. The trick for the defense attorney is to obtain agreement from either the prosecutor or judge where necessary.

Holmes Youthful Trainee Status

Holmes Youthful Trainee Status, or HYTA, is a method to keep convictions off the record of young people.

HYTA is an opportunity for young people to keep their records clean by successfully completing probation. 

Upon a plea of guilty, the person’s case will become non-public. Upon successful completion of probation, the case will become non-public permanently. 

A person could have HYTA status revoked if they mess up probation. The judge has the discretion to revoke HYTA where a person does not successfully complete probation.

HYTA is available to person between the age of 17 and 24. From ages 17 to 21, a person only needs the consent of the judge to receive HYTA status. For person between the ages of 22 to 24, a person needs consent of both the judge and the prosecutor. 

The idea behind HYTA is that young people will feel the sting of punishment but not the life-long effects of a criminal record. 

HYTA is an extraordinary opportunity for young people who have been charged with a crime and wish to take responsibility. 

What Offenses are Eligible for HYTA?

Not all crimes are available for HYTA status. Most notably, traffic offenses, such as drinking and driving offenses, cannot receive deferral under HYTA. Many other serious crimes are not eligible for HYTA status either. An attorney will have an exhaustive list of offenses eligible for HYTA.

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