China Laminating Machine Supplier Brings Hot Melt Laminating Machines For A Wide Range Of Industrial Applications

Kuntai Machinery announces to supply hot melt laminating machines with an excellent adhesion ability to be used for laminating 99.9% of fabrics and thus can be used in varied industries.

The lamination forms a protective layer on a fabric and also improves the outside appearance and smoothness of a material. In different industries, laminating machines are required for laminating different layers of fabrics. China based Kuntai Machinery deals in a range of laminating machines that are often recognized for their superior quality lamination.

The company supplies the hot melt laminating machine that offers an excellent adhesion and can be used to laminate a variety of fabrics. The machine uses non-toxic and environment-friendly glue and ensures a perfect lamination to provide a protective layer on the fabric. The laminated fabric achieves a high temperature resistance and very good flexibility. With fabric rewinding and unwinding units, the machine can offer a perfect lamination for a fabric’s resistance against moisture, oil and wear and tear.

China Laminating Machine Supplier Brings Hot Melt Laminating Machines For A Wide Range Of Industrial Applications  

According to the company spokesperson, their fabric laminating machine range has advanced machines for different industries. They have water based and solvent based laminating machines and also PUR hot melt laminating machines. These machines can be used for laminating a large range of fabrics, including artificial leather, PU, TPU film, and others. The machines have their wide applications in leather goods, footwear, vehicle cushion, medical supplies, camouflage clothing and production of several other products. The spokesperson reveals that their hot melt machines use hot melt adhesives that do not cause any pollution during the complete lamination process. After the lamination, the materials are firmly bonded, and the resulting product is firm, soft and washable.

Kuntai Machinery brings their specially designed Fabric film laminating machine that does not require traditional solvents. Moreover, there is no need of water based rubber joints either. This makes the whole lamination process faster, more durable and also cost-effective. The PUR lamination has outstanding mist effectiveness and can be used for providing a disinfectant layer on medical products. The machine comes with a cooling device and is highly automatic and also easy to maintain. To know more about this laminating machine and other lamination machines the company supplies, one can visit the website

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