Ashley Hayashi a Mark Keppel Sophomore and 2 Time World Karate Champion Launching Her First Novel on Dec 7th 2017

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December 6, 2017 – 15 year old sophomore Ashley Hayashi, may seem like in an ordinary student walking through the halls of Mark Keppel High School. However, most people don’t realize is that she happens to be ranked as one of the Top 3 Choreographer in the World by Miss Dance Drill Team USA in 2017. She also happens to be a Black Belt from the International Institute of Martial Arts in San Diego, California. And a 2-Time World Karate Champion in Japanese Traditional Forms.

She is also an anime artist with over 12,000+ Instagram followers. And she will be launching her first novel “Ken Hayashi and the Magic Academy: Book 1: The Boy and the Witch” on December 7, 2017. And needs your support on that day.

This will be Ashley’s first novel, which she has both written and illustrated. Ashley has planned a whole books series and will be publishing a Novel ever year for the next three years.

This book details the biography story of Ashley’s grandmother and grandfather from Japan that had certain magical abilities in 1980’s. It details how they trained their young child, Ken to not only learn performance magic, but to harness his psychic, metaphysical, and wizardry abilities.

Ken, then enrolls into the World famous ‘Academy of Magical Arts’. There he meets another young boy and a young girl magician. This is his historic adventures from the time of a 10 – 18 years old and find out what secrets he learned inside the only recognized actual school of magic in the world and the Magic Castle’s library.

Ashley’s book series will include links to photo and video documentations, newspaper and television coverages and testimonials including, Emmy Award Winning celebrities, Executive Producers breaking their 25+ years of silence. Ashley has the exclusive on the biography, factual true story of the REAL Boy Wizard that existed from 1984 to 1992.

Fantasy World or Real World?

Unlike the internationally famous, J.K. Rowling’s fictional character ‘Harry Potter’ book first published in 1997, which is catered towards the “fantasy” minded readers that like to read about the “Fake” world of wizards. Ashley’s book is based on what actually happened in the “real” world, with real facts, with real events and to her father’s boyhood experiences at the one and only, Academy of Magical Arts located inside a private Magic Castle in the Hollywood Hills, CA. And Ashley’s non-fiction story that predates the fairytale ‘Harry Potter’ character by over 10 years.

In the ‘fantasy’ world of magic and wizardry, including the J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts, The Magicians and the Netflix Original ‘Just Add Magic’ stories…. Would you like to read the real true life story of the kid that learned how he became a magician, then starts to learn the hidden world of real magic and how he harnessed his psychic abilities? And what happens to him when he applied it in the real world?

“Why would anyone want to keep reading the fictional, fantasy, “fake” world of Wizards? When you can discover the real story?” ~ Ashley Hayashi

Ashley Needs Your Support

She needs the support of every supportive Mark Keppel student, faculty, parents and alumni to assist in becoming the 1st, 15 Year Old Teenage Asian American “Best Selling Author”. And especially the support of anyone that had dreamed one day writing a book or to be able to live out your dreams, this is the time you can really contribute.

How can you help? By simply reserving your Pre-Order copy of her first book on on a specific date. Normally, priced at $15.95 however on December 7th, 2017 it will be for a promotional Pre-Order price of $0.99. For under a buck you, under $1, you will have helped Ashley possibly become a “Best Selling Author”.

Write this down. Save the date on your calendar.

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