Tamara Knighten Releases New Book, Promoting New Tour

Aiming to Help Women and Children Learn About How to Love Themselves and Recover From Their Past Wounds

Chicago – December 6, 2017 – Tamara Knighten is aiming to enlighten and empower women and children through her I Am H.E.R. Tour. She is releasing her new book Burned But Not Broken on Amazon and is currently working with a fundraiser to support her tour.

Tamara Knighten was seriously burned when she was six years old, but over time, she realized that the feelings of guilt and self-doubt that she had been feeling do not have to rule her life forever. She wanted to show her scars as badges of honor and to show the world that she is confident in herself.

She wrote her new book to talk about her story and her recovery towards being a more positive and upbeat person. Her goal is to help people learn about how to be proud and to love who they are. This includes helping people to become more confident and positive about life.

It is through Tamara’s journey into healing and restoring her life that people can learn more about what makes the world positive and great for all. She is hoping that her story will inspire people to feel great about themselves and to ignore the many people who are critical of them or try to hold them back.

Tamara Knighten is also currently working to raise funds for her I Am H.E.R. Tour. The tour is helping women and children to feel Healed, Empowered and Restored. The health and beauty tour is about giving women the support they need to feel confident and strong in their daily lives.

Right now people can visit Tamara’s website at www.tamaraknighten.com to learn more about what she has to offer to the public. This includes information on her special programs where people can learn about getting over their fears and worries about their lives.

Knighten is also going around the country and participating in many speaking engagements. She is available for conferences and keynotes while working to help make her upcoming I Am H.E.R. Tour successful.

Funds are being accepted on her website to help with keeping the new campaign up and running. People can learn more about what she is doing at www.tamaraknighten.com. She is aiming to make her work more visible and attractive to the public as she looks to make her message known.

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