Animal Hospital in Saint Paul, MN, Keeps Pets Smiling with Comprehensive Dental Cleanings

Highland Animal Hospital gives pets something to smile about by providing comprehensive dental cleanings. At the local animal hospital inSaint Paul, MN, the veterinarians and staff offer everything from X-rays and cleanings to tooth extraction.

Pets deserve loving homes, good health, and clean and sparkling smiles. At Highland Animal Hospital, the friendly and experienced staff offers a range of pet dental care treatments to ensure all pets have healthy teeth and gums. Not only do pet dental cleanings improve the appearance of teeth, but they are also the best defense against periodontal disease. Gum disease, as well as tooth decay, are known to increase the risk of serious health problems, such as stroke or heart disease. However, regular cleanings are excellent ways to ensure strong teeth and gums, and in turn, a healthy pet.

All pet owners want the very best for their dog or cat. Even though vaccinations are extremely important, as well as regular vet visits, it is also imperative to schedule pet dental care. The experienced veterinarians at the animal hospital provide regular cleanings, thorough exams, X-rays, tooth extractions, and much more. They are happy to provide periodic checkups to ensure the overall health of teeth and gums.

Unhealthy or diseased oral cavities and teeth cause bacteria buildup, inner lip and gum ulcerations, and receding gums. Other symptoms of poor oral health are plaque buildup and exposed teeth roots. All of these dental conditions should be addressed at once by an experienced veterinarian. If pet owners notice any of the following problems with their pets, they are encouraged to schedule an appointment:

  • Difficulty Eating
  • Sudden Weight Loss
  • Drooling or Jaw Chattering
  • Increased Irritability
  • Bad Breath
  • Blood near the Gum Line

Set up an appointment at Highland Animal Hospital today. Visit to find out more about their veterinary services. 

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