Production of Timothy Hines’ Movie ’EARTH ANGEL’ Delayed.

“Production of Earth Angel starring Sean Young will return to production early Spring.”
Production of Timothy Hines’ Earth Angel, a movie about an angel coming to Earth to stop a fanatic from sparking End Times, has been delayed. Earth Angel is about a Seraphim Angel who comes to Earth to help a suicidal man regain himself in order to stop a fanatic group from ending all life on the planet. Nearly 8 in 10 people in the world believe in angels.

Timothy Hines’ Earth Angel has delayed production until Spring. “Financing fell through at the last minute,” laments Hines. “I have worked so hard making movies and getting this one made, Earth Angel, has felt like the battle of Armageddon. First, I was about to mount the picture last year when I had a major health collapse. I remounted the film too soon and again was stopped by health. I have had to learn that one can’t work 100 hour work weeks for very long before nature takes its toll.”

Earth Angel is the story of when a wealthy fanatic schemes to use a biological weapon to destroy all life on Earth and prematurely usher in the End Times, it’s up to grieving genius, William Pierce, to stop him — only Pierce has a supernatural ally, an angel named Serah.

“It was heartbreaking,” states Earth Angel producer Susan Goforth. “Sure pictures are stopped every day in Hollywood, but this movie, this one is special. Timothy has no intention of shelving the project. And when financing fell away, immediately suitors stepped in to refinance. That process is going well but we had to do a complete reset.”

“We lost a lot of our cast,” Hines concurs, “Stars have to work and other projects rush in to court them to go to another dance. It was so hard to shut down just before filming. Everyone was understanding. Well, most. There was one berserk agent who used to work for CAA, who had two actors in the film, that made it extra challenging with verbal attacks. But everyone else came forward immediately with support and sympathy. Anyone who has worked hard on something and had setbacks knows the pain of having to wait it out. It took me over a year to write Earth Angel and with expendatures of mountains of energy and huge planning, well, like with any disaster, one has to pick up and keep going.

“Superstar Sean Young at Comic Con in New York last weekend will play a Homeland Security agent who suspects that the “crazy girl” in her interrogation room may be a supernatural being.

“When the picture was shut down, Star Sean Young wrote me a detailed letter with valuable and helpful information on my mistakes and a pledge to still do my movie when we resume.”

Above: Movie star Sean young and director Timothy Hines to resume prduction of Earth Angel in the Spring of 2018.

Earth Angel is currently being refinanced and is expected to go into production in Spring of 2018.

Timothy Hines previous movies, “War of the Worlds the True Story” and “10 Days in a Madhouse” starring Caroline Barry, Christopher Lambert with Kelly Le Brock are available on Amazon Prime.

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