2KXO Will Finally Be Released After Nearly 9 Years in Development!

In the current age of innovation and technological advancements, people are making breakthroughs on a daily basis. However, no breakthrough can really be empowered and taken advantage of without an energetic and active community that is spending time and effort in sharing their ideas and progressing towards a more innovative world.

To provide to this need, 2KXO is an app that aims to create an online community of people who brainstorm innovative ideas and to share thoughts. The app takes advantage of the interconnectivity of today’s world in order to create a community of capable individuals globally.

2KXO was originally planned out in 2008, and first ever demos of it came into existence in 2014. Beta began in 2016, and in December 2017 it will be released nationally.

2KXO leverages e-commerce and provides a reliable platform for social marketing. They manage to increase marketplace revenue through viral snowballing which in effect increases user acquisition. With the rise of innovative ideas including things like crypto-currency, and self-advertising now more than ever there is a need for an app like this that brings together a decentralized global community.

With payment wallets and unlimited streaming 2KXO manages to be the perfect hub for thinkers of today to profit, showcase and discover on one platform. It is a secured social and interactive hub for people to communicate and discuss their ideas in detail – as well as showcase what they have managed to achieve so far.

Their staff consists of a team of 30 people, 20 of which are full-time developers whereas 5 consist of their digital marketing team. The remaining are 4 administrative assistants, and one founder, who has put all his time and resources into 2KXO, his most innovative creation to date. The plan for this app is to completely change the landscape of today’s mobile industry with innovative strategies of tomorrow by combining today’s greatest minds with today’s greatest technology.

About 2KXO:

We offer a phenomenal private platform which provides a unique opportunity for all creative talents. 2KXO empowers various creative individuals by developing an international community for showcasing and discovering with other creative minds. Our company provides a global marketplace to share works in form of photos, videos and audio files in an instant without compromising privacy.

Through the use of this app, the founder 2KXO hopes to create a prevailing community of people who collaborate and create powerful and industry-changing content.

For more information: http://2kxo.com/

Media Contact
Company Name: 2KXO Mobile
Contact Person: Ben Lewin, [Public Relations]
Email: Ben@2KXO.com
Phone: (347) 885-5374
Country: United States
Website: http://2kxo.com/