Indian Doctor Publishes Report on Best VCD Penile Growth and Enlarger Pumps for Men

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VCD medical equipments for ED may lose market share due to popularity of new efficiently working otc male member pumps that show real results.

Amidst the news of Medicare grievously overpaying for “vacuum constriction devices” or “vacuum erection pumps”, otc alternatives for these devices have come up claiming to be much better options and covering a broader scope. 

Between 2006 and 2011, Medicare spent a total of $172 million to purchase 473,620 such VCD devices, putting huge weights on Government budget at an average cost of $360 each for an erectile dysfunction device. While OTC Ed pumps are available at around $90-$150 and require no prescription from a doctor. 

Interestingly, the OIG also found options to treat penile issues available for an average of $164 for prescription based devices which means Medicare were really paying too much for them. 

Dr. Anoop Gupta’s report on pumping devices from PenileTreatments reviews- “These products are getting increasingly popular and are great alternatives to surgery. New devices that use hydro-based penile-suction technologies are most popular as they provide the most strength and efficiencies. The design of accessories, cylinder, ring, and traction power is crucial too.” 

Dick Boyle, an overseas patient of Dr. Gupta  says “I am glad to find out an over the counter ED device that really worked for me. I was told by other practitioners that otc penis pumps might be made of cheap lower quality materials and will not necessarily meet the standards of high-quality brands like vacurect, Master Gauge, Pos-T-Vac, Encore, Penomet etc. Results tell me different.” 

While some medical experts are of the opinion that bringing otc options in this field is just stretching the limits, Dr. Anoop Gupta of PenileTreatments says – “Many people wonder if the new products do work. If consumers are able to get the same benefits at less than the cost they were paying and extending the quality of their life with good results, that’s what should matter in the end. As the market size grows and gets bigger, and more quality strength and augmentation devices come up, lesser surgeries of penises might be required which are invasive, permanent and involve the insertion of permanent fillers. It’s without doubt that the design of the penis pump makes it work irrespective of the brand. “

He goes on to say new innovative designs can also treat Peyronie’s disease. But they should be manufactured from specially selected phthalate free, skin-safe and medical grade materials, and should have undergone a state of the art type dermatological testing study.

Dr. Gupta gives advice -“Taking note of your size, anatomy and girth is important to order the relevant inches. How to use the pumping device and combining with natural action exercises like jelqing for more increase is also crucial for better results. Our clinic sees outstanding success rates of infertility issues, IVF, male erection enhancement, penis enlargement and reconstructive surgeries. Overall, it’s certainly promising and gratifying to see people’s ability enhance so they can overcome medical challenges. People can see more references, testimonials and before and after results pictures on our website.” 

Dr. Gupta’s clinic deals exclusively in male & female infertility and impotence management under one roof. He regularly receives patients from USA and UK.

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