Nimble Real Estate Initiated the Community Elderly University Program 敏捷地产社区老年大学启动 绘就 “最美夕阳红”

关爱社区焦点人物,丰富社区业余生活,构建和谐社区,恰逢重阳佳节,一 个美好的日子,敏捷社区老年大学启动仪式于2017年10月28日在中山锦绣阳光花园八期小学隆重举行。敏捷地产旗下物业领导、业主代表等出席本次仪式。

The Nimble Community Elderly University Program, aiming to enrich the elderly’s spare life and build up a harmonious community, observed its grand opening in the primary school sitting in the 8th phase of Splendid Beautiful Sunny Garden on 28th Oct, 2017, the day also known as Chinese Traditional Chung Yeung Festival for respecting the aged people. Some officers from Nimble Property Management and owner representatives were present.

On-site photo

Officer from Nimble Property Management giving speech


Lively and fascinating, a series of wonderful performances by the elderly were on. And the number of the elderly in community who registered for interest-oriented classes in dancing and photographing reached more than 260. The chancellor appointment ceremony promoted the activity atmosphere to a climax. Owners on-site gave positive comments to the launch of Elderly University Program; the elderly in particular, extended their strong willing to be actively involved in the events organized under Elderly University Program by Nimble.

The performance

The performance


Next stage, the Properties by Nimble will get the baton to organize the community-oriented enrollment and set up more interest classes such as arts, chess and cards, healing retreats and so on for the elderly. More than that, they will keep feeding the flame to the development of the Elderly University Program by combining the upgrade property management service with the innovation of the cultural activities of the community.

At the Unveiling Ceremony

The chancellor of the Elderly University Program giving speech


As an enterprise with strong sense of social responsibility, Nimble features owners’ inhabiting and living comprehensively. Tan Bingzhao, president of Nimble, said that with the aging population process the need of spiritual and cultural life for the elderly is gaining increasing attention. The elderly display their charm like the sunset glow with unparalleled golden beauty, which is second to none. To provide them a sense of security, a sense of belonging and a sense of worthiness is the object that Nimble always strives for. The launch of Elderly University Program provided a place for the aged to exploit their talents, to study and recreate, so as to keep improving their spiritual and cultural quality and happiness index as well.

敏捷地产一直注重企业品牌的建设,旗下物业公司推出新的产品- -社区老年大学,是企业关爱社区群体人物,丰富社区业余生活,构建和谐社区的体现,也是敏捷物业人长期以来孜孜不倦的追求。敏捷地产意识到,社区活动不仅仅是一个平台,一个渠道,更是物业与业主直接沟通的桥梁。未来,敏捷地产旗下物业将继续为业主提供细致的服务,促进社区文化和邻里氛围的发展,丰富社区居民精神文化生活,提升社区居民的幸福感和归属感,努力实现“筑梦想家园,让生活更美好”的理念。

Nimble has always been keen on the construction of its enterprise brand, the new release of the Nimble Community Elderly University Program is just about the embodiment of caring the specific groups, enriching the spare time of community residents and building up a harmonious community, which is the objective Nimble diligently pursue for a long time as well. Nimble realized that the community activity is not only a kind of platform or channel, but also a communication approach between the owners and the property management. In future, Nimble will strive for achieving the idea of “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life” by providing the owner more thoughtful service, boosting the development of the community culture and neighborhood, enriching the spiritual and cultural life of inhabitant as well as improving the happiness and belongingness for owners.

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