The Wandsworth Preschool Raises the Bar in London Preschool Child Education

London, United Kingdom – The Wandsworth Preschool, a preschool breaking the mould in children’s education, is leaving parents astonished as to what their kids are learning in school.

In the search for the perfect preschool, parents are often disappointed at having to enrol their children in centres that are simply average, but necessary for the working parent. One of the reasons parents hesitate about leaving their children in a nursery is that they never know what their child will be learning. Parents have to trust the school is well established and entrust their children to the care of the preschool teachers while hoping the child will get somewhat of a good education and care while the parent is at work.

However, The Wandsworth Preschool is raising the bar, so parents will feel that leaving children in this nursery in Wandsworth is a pleasure, not a chore. Children will be well cared for, and they will benefit from an introduction to world culture. This nursery in Wandsworth introduces children to Mozart, Muhammed, Dr. Seuss, Newton, Raphael and other great historical figures. Children absorb the knowledge given and begin their integration into world citizenship at the Wandsworth Preschool. With this knowledge, children can learn at an early age how to gain compassion and understanding for others.

The Wandsworth Preschool knows that educating children isn’t about fluff or dumbing things down. This is the problem of many preschools or nursery schools out there. Children are taught according to what some believe their brains can understand. But this is not the case at the Wandsworth Preschool.

Because the Wandsworth Preschool believes in the importance of education, they thoroughly support the development of a child’s mind and intelligence. At the Wandsworth school, children learn about their needs and the needs of others. The school recognizes what children’s brains are capable of, and they mean to optimise their full potential at this age. The Wandsworth school taps into a child’s hunger for knowledge, leading to innovation and creativity, which culminate in excellence.

The curriculum of this nursery in Wandsworth is leaving parents both thankful and speechless about what their children accomplish throughout the day and what they talk about at the dinner table. Learning is a life-long journey, and the Wandsworth Preschool is just the place for the foundation of it.

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