Bithum Global Exchange Operations Strategic Partner Recruitment Announcement

Global No.1 password exchange BITSUM.

At present, Bitsum is building each “International Exchange” for global expansion services.
In order to ensure efficient and rapid growth of exchanges in each country, we will collaborate with BITSUM to provide fast and effective services to users around the world.

We want to have a competent partner (company / corporation or organization).
The main roles of Bitsum partners are local input / withdrawal support, platform operation, advertising / promotion and customer service operations.

We will provide details through a more detailed collaborative sharing process.
(The current stock exchanges that are under preparation are USD / JPY / EU / CNY / India INR / UK GBP / AUD / CAD / CAD.

If you are interested in Bitsum, such as Philippine PHP / Russian RUB, we can support you anytime.
There is no limit to the type of Bitsum partner.

If you are only able to identify the capabilities and potential for fast and secure business operations,
1) strategic alliances with existing local companies, 2) establishment and operation of JVs with Bitsum, and 3) suggestions for overseas subsidiaries

Various models are available, and you can suggest various creative models without being limited to the above models.
In the future, BITSUM’s partners will be able to generate fast and sound financial results with BITSUM’s global support and partner synergy.

We look forward to your support and contact with interested partners who will grow with Bitsum.

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