Maria Ignacia Hojas’ stars are brightly shining after her role in Affection

Maria Ignacia Hojas, known in the film industry as Maria Hojas has seen her star rise after her electrifying performance in the short film “Affection”.

In the film Affection, Maria gave great performance, she portrayed a wondrous mature and a sophisticated actress. Her director Lisette Lastra says that her performance was exemplifying adding that she hopes that thousands of artists who move to LA follow her example and learn from her.

Affection is a story of love and loss, a situation that keeps us fighting for our dream and keeping hope despite the odds. In the film, Maria plays the role of Anna, a film maker who was having a hard time, her love life was a disaster and her relationships had fallen apart. She had no friend and she was far away from home. Maria played the role so well, some describing the scene as almost real, she showed great passion as if she was living her life in the film. She makes Anna the most memorable character in the film and also in the whole season.

Maria hails from Santiago, Chile but currently lives in Los Angeles, a place she moved four years ago to pursue her dreams. She is a graduate from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has a great passion and commitment to creative ideas and project.  She has lived her dream; this is shown through her participation in several acting and storytelling projects. Maria believes that there are so many stories to be told more so with a sense of social and political responsibility. She has lived her dream and aspires to move even to the higher heights.

She is a person who enjoys acting, writing, dancing and practicing yoga and meditation. These attributes have been very instrumental in developing her career in acting. She strongly believes that there is a deep connection between meditation, creativity and acting. “Being a mindful and vulnerable person makes the whole journey real and worthwhile,” said Maria while adding that the deep connection opens avenues that one would not have imagined.

Maria also believes that her family and friends have played a great role in getting her where she is today. She says that they have been very supportive. “My friends and family have supported my pursuit all the way, I am very grateful to them,” says Maria.

Maria Hojas is also known for the big acts such as Barrio Universitario which was released in 2013, I’m not Lorena, 2014 and Nothing, a 2017 release.

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