Kuester Management Group Offers Tips for Homeowner to Improve Holiday Safety

With the holidays often comes an uptick in crime and fire hazards, so Kuester Management Group is sharing helpful safety tips.

Though Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, many families are ramping up to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s. This means plenty of decorating, shopping, baking, and socializing has commenced. Kuester Management Group has released a statement to the press outlining safety tips for homeowners to be more mindful of this season.

“There is a lot of activity over the holidays,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “People are excited to celebrate with friends, travel to see family, decorate their homes, and share the latest gifts. But with these activities can come safety concerns. It is important to stay alert, whether at home or out and about, and to look out for yourself and others.”

Online shopping has skyrocketed this year, meaning more packages are being delivered daily. Homeowners should track their packages whenever possible so they know when to expect delivery. If no one is going to be home, leave a note in the delivery orders to have the package left on the back porch, or behind some décor. If possible, have purchases shipped to the store so they can be picked up and are not left outside. Another option is to have a trusted neighbor or friend stop by to pick up deliveries so packages don’t become a target for thieves.

Always lock car doors and never leave valuables in the vehicle. While shopping, put purchases in the trunk or out of sight of anyone who may pass by. This can reduce temptation for someone to try to break in. Try to make more expensive purchases last so they’re taken straight home and not left in the car.

“If you’re going away for the holidays, try to avoid publicizing it on social media,” says Kuester. “You don’t want to let everyone know that you’ll be gone for several days. If you are leaving, put a hold on your mail, or have someone else stop by to pick it up. Also, consider putting some of your lights on timers so that it appears people are home. If your neighbors are going to be home, ask them to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.”

When decorating for Christmas, many people like the sight and smell of a freshly cut tree. Selecting the perfect one is often a family tradition. However, homeowners should make sure to keep the tree watered so that it does not dry out and become a fire hazard. Make sure that outlets are not overloaded with plugs, and cords are not damaged or frayed. Don’t forget to unplug lights when no one is home as well.

“Now is also a great time to replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors,” says Kuester. “You want to ensure that they are working properly to keep you and your family safe. Between Christmas trees and lights, holiday baking, fireplaces, and space heaters, fire safety should always be a priority.” Kuester makes sending out friendly reminders and tips easy for HOAs so they can work to keep the holidays safe and enjoyable for all.


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