Extend-D is Soon To Post a Kickstarter Campaign for Those Interested in Crowdfunding and Technology

Extend-D has launched the most useful and unbelievable extension power cable. The company is planning to post the same at Kickstarter for those interested in technology and crowdfunding to extend their support.

Philadelphia, PA – December 11, 2017: It is true that shoppers can find many extension cords in stores near them. But, the issue they face is that the cable is either too short or too long. In a way to rectify this problem, Extend-D has come up with the world’s first and excellent extension power cable. With the mission to provide the opportunity for tech savvies and individuals interested in crowdfunding to support this product, Extend-D is launching this project on Kickstarter on Tuesday, December 12th, 2017.

The uniqueness associated with this modular extension power cable is that it is segmented into two-foot increments, and the extension can be connected and disconnected at the user’s convenience.

The removable feature of both ends will help the user to either increase or reduce the size of the cable as per the need. Yes, after removing the ends, “users can increase or reduce the size of the cable by adding or removing the middle segment of the wire.” Said the spokesperson of Extend-D while talking about the extension power cable.


Extend-D has designed this cable to be suitable for home applications in devices like televisions, phone chargers, lamps, etc. This cable launched by Extend-D is made up of a couple of adapters and center 2-foot wire segments. The female side of the adapter has IEC C8 to NEMA 1-15r connection, while the male end of the wire has NEMA 1-15p to IEC C7 Connection. The center portion has an IEC C7 to IEC C8 connection.

The modular extension power cable has been specially designed for indoor use. The cord is available in two different colors to choose as per the convenience of shoppers.

For more information, please visit http://extend-d.com/


About Extend-D

For people shopping this cable, Extend-D will offer three pieces of the cable that will come both in black and white color options. The company has also made sure that the cable is made with the highest degree of safety, which is added right at the design aspect.

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