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Canadian company helping residents with a second mortgage

Buying a home and doing all of the mortgage paperwork is enough to make you want to live on the streets. Why would you voluntarily pick up the pen and do a second mortgage? Because it is a practical solution to remodeling your home or even purchasing another big-ticket item.

Mortgage Solutions Group ( can talk you through the pros and cons of taking out a second mortgage on your home. The second mortgage is a loan against the equity of the house you are already paying on. Because you are providing your house as collateral the rate on a second mortgage is lower than most credit card interest rates. This makes it a practical and efficient way to get out from under some of the credit card and store card debt you may have accrued furnishing your home.

You can use the money from your second mortgage to improve the property value by doing upgrades and remodels. If you ever want to sell or lease your property this is a good move on your part and an increase in property value is good news to your loan holder. It can be scary to think about taking out a second mortgage because it seems so technical but having professionals walk you through everything can make it smooth and painless.

Mortgage Solutions Group can guide home buyers through their first mortgage, second, refinancing, and all of the in between. As the trusted name in Toronto for mortgage brokerage, there is not a mortgage problem without a solution. If one-stop shopping and continuity of care are important to you then look no further. You pick your rate and the brokers will do everything they can to get you into it.

A good mortgage brokerage firm will be able to guide you start to finish. A great brokerage firm will be able to pick up the pieces the last guy left behind when he retired or transferred out. Sometimes it is just nice to make a change and that is okay too. Mortgage Solutions Group is happy to help in any way that you need. A second mortgage is a huge decision and needs to be made carefully with all of the information available.

Take into consideration the equity in your home and most importantly whether or not you will be able to afford a second mortgage. You worked hard for your home. Finance planning ( is just another service offered by a brokerage firm already devoted to helping you.

About Mortgage Solutions Group

Mortgage Solutions Group ( is a mortgage company that deals in commercial and residential real estate. Buyers are guided through the choppy waters of real estate finance with knowledge and compassion. The brokers you work with have extensive experience in buying, selling, leasing, and refinancing so consumers will be in good hands from start to finish. Contact us today and get started building your future.

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