Fashion brand S.lin released a 2017 special design for Autumn Winter

Recently, Fashion brand S.lin released a 2017 special design, the coat was designed using contrast color and leather, the bottoming is an elegant chic vintage pink, the designer used a light pink for the collar; the cuff of the sleeve; the belt and the pockets, to give it a strong vision, except for choosing a warm color, for the cutting, the designer used a simple fitting pattern, high waist X line design can give a well proportioned shape, not only emerge a woman’s perfect body shape, but also shows the women’s elegance.

S.lin is a brand under Shenzhen Ruochan Trading Company LTD, the special design is designed by the chief designer Selina Wang, Selina Wang is a New Zealander designer, she always had a personal and unique style, she always persist in “simple and beauty” she refuses unnecessary decorations. Her previous designs also follows this design concept. she uses elements such as simple lines, her design shows women’s independence, dignity and elegance.

As reported, for this coat’s design, Selina used a chic pink, to satisfy women’s young heart, she wants to show pink is not only a color that belongs to little girls, the design of the collar shows women’s capable and experienced temperament but at the same time it also shows the elegance. the length to the ankle makes women look very powerful, with a pair of high heels, it immediately shows a dejevu. Through this design, Selina wants to show women’s independence; elegance, also giving out an information to let women “be yourself”.

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