New Muzik Order Releases New Music by Lil B Sure

Al B Sure’s Son Following in Father’s Musical Footsteps

New Muzik Order has announced a new release featuring Al B, aka Lil B Sure, the son of the music legend Al B Sure. The new single, “Love and Loyalty” hit the shelves on December 3.  More releases are expected to follow in 2018.

“I am thrilled to release my new single to the public,” stated the up and coming musician, Lil B Sure.  “I am very honored to be a part of New Music Order musical productions.  I am also very privileged to have the talented Al B Sure as my father.  I look up to him as a father and as a musician.  I have learned so much from him and my mother and hope to make them both proud.”

Lil B Sure, (Albert Brown 1V), was born in October of 1985 in Mount Vernon, New York.  His birth came just when his legendary R&B singing father, Al B Sure, was in the height of his musical career.  It didn’t take long to see that Lil B Sure had inherited his father’s music talents.  As a youngster, his friends admired his talent, easily recognizing that he was destined for greatness.  Now, his dreams and aspirations are coming into play with the release of his new single.  The sky appears to be the limit as more projects are in the making for the coming year.

Al B Sure, Lil B Sure’s father, has three Grammy nominations under his belt.  He is a R&B record producer, recording artist, actor and radio host.  He plays himelf in “Yakety Yak, Take it Back” and is also in “Trash Talk”.  He was selected by Quincy Jones to be the very first winner of the Sony Innovators Talent Search.  He was in a quartet with Barry White and his most notable single. “The Secret Garden”, went platinum.

Lil B Sure is passionate about his music, just as his father is.  He is also a talented actor.

“We at New Muzik Order are pleased to be debuting Al B’s new single and are excited to see him pursuing his musical talents like his father, Al B Sure,” stated Jerald Cavitt, CEO of The Label New Muzik Order. 

To find out more about Lil B Sure and his new single “Love & Loyalty”, check out his Soundcloud, Youtube, Tidal, Apple Music or Apple Itunes.

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