Real World Solutions for Today’s Student Challenges

Student Success U is a startup that includes a website designed to provide students with real-world advice, not typically taught at the college-level. The information provided is crucial for a successful job search, within the desired industry. The importance of making the right connections is emphasized, as well.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Redbank, NJ – Today’s graduate faces many challenges when entering the post-college workforce. Heavy competition has forced many entry-level positions to require experience that most college graduates do not have. Students often believe they need to continue into graduate studies, to make up for the lack of experience on their resume. This is where organizations like Student Success U play a vital role in developing skills and knowledge for students and recent graduates. The organization provides gamified training modules for students to not only get ‘real-world ready’ but also prepared much earlier, with clear outcomes.

“What we are finding is that students are simply unprepared through college for the real-world today; lacking the core ‘how to’s’ to set themselves up with a strong foundation. What we are finding today is through college, students are unprepared and lacking the core ‘how to’s’ to set themselves up with a strong foundation for the real world. These are challenges that lie ahead of post-college life, says TJ Pingitore, founder of Student Success U. “We spoke to almost a thousand recent grads over the past three-years, on this very situation, and saw their faces and heard their feedback about what they did not get out of college, or wish they knew much earlier. We, at Student Success U, are now delivering what they need.  We are delivering this for today’s student based on what recent post-grads didn’t get combined with our experiences in today’s workforce.”

The organization offers both free modules, training, on-campus speaking, along with paid-for programs in networking, branding, self-marketing, life skills, steps to take before and after declaring a major for any level, building confidence, thought leadership, and other tactical and creative approaches for today’s digitally connected student.  The goal of the organization is to provide these strategies and skill-practice that college does not teach through a community of students who are not only capable of entering the workforce in the career of their choice but to become thought-leaders in their field as well.

“We define student success as chapters, signposts, and hustle; not resumes, cover letters, and pre-scripted interview questions,” TJ explains. “We are creating a very human-focused experience, not one that simply drops students into a software program, and calls it a day. The Human side of it allows students to know how to meet experts earlier, to drive their path ahead.”

Student Success U has a podcast called The Student Success Podcast that is now live on Apple – iTunes to warm students up with awareness first on these topics in long and short form. (get rid of that, makes no sense, unnecessary) Student Success U has also recently launched a Student Success Ambassador Program on 6 New Jersey Campuses while gaining support from the Scarlet Knights PR student team who are helping and embracing bringing (delete, makes little sense) exposure to real-world Student Success to help their peers within a 65,000 student body on their state campuses. They are also on campuses in Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Montana, and soon to be 7 others in the Northeast and Southwest,

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