Global Culture & Tourism Industry Grand Ceremony Establish “One Belt One Road” Cultural Exchange Platform – The 2nd Global Culture & Tourism Industry Summit in Los Angeles

11th Dec. 2017 – Los Angeles – the well-known scientific and cultural city, the 2nd Global Culture & Tourism Industry Summit was held in the intercontinental hotel Los Angeles downtown. The summit was held by CAS Culture & Tourism Industry Development Co., Ltd. Representatives from a number of culture and tourism enterprises, government and international organizations were invited to attend this grand event, discussed the change and the future of new culture & tourism era under “One Belt One Road” strategy.

In the opening speech, Mr. Zhang Da, Managing Director of CAS Culture & Tourism, pointed out that the launch of China’s “the Belt and Road Initiative” strategy will bring tremendous potential to the countries’ along the Belt and Road economy and global economic growth. Under this opportunity, the company should take the global tourism industry innovation as its mission, promote the establishment of an international cultural exchange platform and deepen the mutual understanding among the people of all countries along the line and promote exchanges and cooperation in industries, so as to inject new impetus into the integration and upgrading of the national culture and tourism industry along the line.

During the summit, CAS Culture & Tourism represented Qingdao Tourism Development Committee to briefing guests on the preparations for the summit of the World Travel City Federation Qingdao Tourism Summit which will be held in September 2018. Qingdao Tourism Summit will have dozens of countries around the world, hundreds of tourism city government representatives and the culture & Tourism industry elites attend, and joint make contribution on promotion of tourism city development experience, promote tourism products and resources, and promote the prosperity and development of the global tourism. Subsequently, during the summit, promotional videos on the development of tourism industry of Shandong Province and Qingdao City were played. The guests at the scene responded enthusiastically and all expressed their expectation of reaching a cooperation in tourism industry with Qingdao, a beautiful and cosmopolitan city.

At the same time, this summit has congratulated Qingdao won the title of “City of Film” by UNESCO, which is another new world-class city card. CAS Culture & Tourism was commissioned by Qingdao Municipal Government to present the related planning blueprint for the development of the film and television industry as the first “City of Film” in China. The concept of development as elaborated in the “Declaration of Qingdao” and the concept of “Qingdao is born for film” gave rise to a strong resonance among guests.

With the theme of “The Eye of the World”, the summit conducted discussions on the concept of “Insight, Exploration, Integration and Innovation”, to explore new thinking and new directions for the global culture and tourism industry. “Internet Strategy of Culture & Tourism Industry” became the core focus of this summit. CAS Culture & Tourism launched the world’s first internet culture and tourism industry innovation platform “Eye of the World” –”, which is scheduled to be launched in early 2018 . Four standard travel plans was released during the summit, including themes, cities, countries and cross-border travel plan, firstly make scattered travel demand into a overall-service travel product and to combine fragmented travel time into a standardized short and medium-term travel plan. Delegates at the conference agreed that the Internet will have a significant impact on the global culture and tourism upgrade. The launching of the Internet cultural innovation platform will promote the interoperability of related industries in different countries and lead the revolution in a new round of development as a milestone event.

During the summit, the city, enterprises, products and individuals who made outstanding contributions to the development of the global travel industry were honored. Qingdao won the “Global Culture & Tourism Industry Innovation City,” the Palace Museum was named “Global Culture & Tourism Industry Innovation Enterprise,” Universal Cultural Building Expo won the “Global Culture & Tourism Industry Innovative Product,” founder of the film festival Mr. Tang He Was awarded the “Global Culture & Tourism Industry Innovation Individual”.

The 3rd Global Culture & Tourism Industry Summit will be held in the same period with the summit of the World Travel City Federation Qingdao Tourism Summit in September 2018m, it will continue to make positive contributions to promoting the innovation and development of the global Culture & Tourism industry.

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