PLY ROCK Appeared on the Big Screen in Times Square New York

Ply Rock was recently seen on the big screen in Times Square New York. Ply Rock has been an up and coming leading e-cigarette brand world wide. With global sales of over 3 Million sets, Ply Rock is becoming a leader in the electronic cigarette sector. We are starting to see more and more of Ply Rock on social. media, as well as in retail stores not only nationwide but worldwide.

Ply Rock is more than an e-cigarette brand, but it is also a manufacturer of other world wide known brands like Limitless Mod Co., Wake Mod Company, Synthetic Cloud, and many more. Ply Rock, as the parent company also has a design, and research and development company under the name Asher Dynamics. Having a design and research and development company as well as manufacturing all under one company, makes Ply Rock a one stop shop for Vape brands. With the capability to design and bring products to market, Ply Rock is becoming a world wide leader in the vape sector. Ply Rock not only has a proficient design and manufacturing team, but it also has a strong sales team in the USA. Ply Rock has the ability to bring products to life, but also assist in the sales and distribution of these products on a global scale. We have visited with their sales team multiple times, and are very impressed. Ply Rock is not only in the design and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes but a full spectrum of vape products. From beginner electronic cigarettes, to advanced vape products, Ply Rock is well versed in the industry. We can only see more brands and vape companies going to Ply Rock to have their products manufactured and distributed. You can find a wide variety of Ply Rock electronic cigarette products in over 15 countries sold by its sales team. Be on the lookout for Ply Rock to take over electronic cigarette and vape sector globally!

The Future Of Ply Rock

The future of Ply Rock appears to be very promising. We have seen the extreme growth of Ply Rock in the last year and only see Ply Rock growing bigger and faster. We were able to witness Ply Rock grow substantially in China with its operations. They have opened multiple China sales offices, and expand the factory lines. Ply Rock entered into China in 2016 with the ambition to establish itself as one of the biggest players in this young yet with great potential market, and has successfully opened and operated over 20 chained retail shops nationwide as well as becoming one of the leading brands in the major E-commercial platform like and Ply Rock is not only expanding its manufacturing operations, but its sales and franchise operations directly in China. We can only foresee sales and revenue to continue to rise with its ever expanding leadership and expertise.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ply Rock Electronic Cigarettes
Contact Person: Iris Chan
Phone: 0086-4006475122
Country: United States