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Hydroponic gardening is environmentally friendly by not putting anything into the soil and keeps soil contaminants out of your plants. It is space conscious and with the right supplies, information, and resources can be one of the smartest and easiest things a grower can do. Hydroponic supplies are everywhere and so is the knowledge. The trick is to get them in the same place so the search is easier and the results are more accurate.

GTA Hydroponics has everything from growing kits to individually sold parts and books. The people at GTA can make sound recommendations based on personal experience with products on the company website. If you call with a follow-up question about a product, you will be met with a professional staff that can walk you through the current problem and then discuss your next steps.

Hydroponics has a lot of moving parts. Learning what pH levels are acceptable and how to manage the amount of light your plants are getting is vital to a good crop. That takes both equipment and knowledge of that equipment.  As your plants mature and evolve there will be new equipment and skills to learn. With a revolving door between concept and execution having one store with the employees, products, and expertise is practical.

Even the most skilled growers have to start from scratch at some point. When that time comes, the decision to stick with what has worked for them or to try something different is a big one. A supplier who understands the ins and outs of the trade is an attractive quality for someone who wants to start over without having to learn again.

GTA Hydroponics offers supplies that have stood the test of time alongside state of the art technology that could be the future of hydroponic gardening. Because the products bought online have been tested by the employees, customers have the unique experience of talking to someone who knows how frustrating the problem is.

Hydroponic supplies are a big monetary investment and a company that meets price points across the board is sustainable due to customer loyalty alone. This is important because finding a part that is compatible with your current system is a major headache. Sustainability and new growth are what hydroponic gardening is all about after all. A company that understands the supply and demand of such a technical trade and can meet it consistently is a must. Your plants require continuity.

About GTA Hydroponics

GTA Hydroponics ( has a mission to make hydroponic gardening more accessible and affordable. From space to knowledge, there is a solution either on the website, by email, or by phone. The company is approachable and hands-on with a 24-hour forum of like-minded individuals. Prices are kept reasonable to spread awareness of the advantages of hydroponic gardening and it is one-stop shopping for all of your gardening needs.

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