Modern Living with kathy ireland® Presented How Rinnova Skincare is Revolutionizing Skincare & Achieving Success in a Crowded Market

Los Angeles, CA – December 12, 2017 — Today’s skincare market is flooded with products, so much so that it is difficult for most people to determine what product is best for their own skin rejuvenation and continued protection. Rinnova Skincare is breaking into this crowded market and making a name for itself thanks to their amazing products.

“John Zannis, MD, founder, and owner of Rinnova Skincare appeared on the show to talk about how and why the Rinnova Skincare products stand out in a saturated market. The fact that Dr. Oz featured the key ingredient of the company’s Renaissance Face Cream, that being proprietary biosphere, calling it a miracle cure for wrinkles is high praise, which makes me even more eager to learn about the product line offered by Rinnova Skincare.” Vice President of Programming JL Haber

The Impetus Behind The Creation of Rinnova Skincare:

Dr. Zannis, who is responsible for the creation of this phenomenal skincare line is an award-winning plastic surgeon and expert in skin rejuvenation, making him unquestionably suited to the task. His quest to find the ultimate facial cream began years ago and led the doctor to create his own after finding none that met his standards. After trial and error, along with much research performed by the some of the best skincare chemists in the world, Rinnova Skincare was launched.

The Proof Rinnova Skincare Products Works: Before & After Photos Show Results:

The before and after comparisons featured on the Rinnova Skincare website prove the worth of their products. Dr. Zannis was able to use his products on patients with amazing results. One glowing testimony on the site came from a dermatologist, Dr. J. Polo MD. He said the product (speaking of the Renaissance Day/Night Moisturizer) was “one of the best anti-aging formulas I’ve seen.”

For more information about Rinnova Skincare, visit and tune in to WE tv as sponsored content on Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 7:30am EST.

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