Itoto House makes life simpler for international students by giving them new home in foreign lands

Itoto House is empowering international students in foreign countries by providing them with needed know-how an advice about anything they need to know to make lives easier in a new land.

December 12, 2017: Studying in a foreign country is tough. New faces, new culture, new customs and new law can make one feel alienated abroad. But not anymore. A revolutionary student assistance program has come up to make lives simpler for international students in foreign countries. Titled as “Itoto House Organization”, the program aims to engage, educate and empower international students with the required know-how to thrive successfully in a new country through its global community of college scholars and volunteer mentors. It’s free to register with Itoto House.

Itoto House is the first ever & fastest growing student assistance program specifically designed for international students across the globe, irrespective of caste, color, sexual orientation, creed and ethnicity. The primary goal of the program is to make transitions easier for international students who often have to adjust to new environments while studying abroad. From the laws & regulations to the society as a whole to the career scene to even making friends and building relationships in a foreign country- the program gears to help international students with all needed information.

What separates Itoto House from its similar counterparts is that it’s no one-size-fits-all program. The program treats each member or student individually to ensure the best solution and advice as per his or her specific needs.

“Itoto House can be defined as the ‘Google’ for international students. The program will provide you the needed knowledge, advice and tips about anything that you want to know about the new country where you have flown to study. We know how tough it could be to survive in a new country where everything is almost different from your homeland.  We are dedicated to create the feel of ‘home away from home’ even when you are miles away from your native country”, stated Felix Eshesimua, the founder of Itoto House.

Felix Eshesimua himself was an international student from West Africa who migrated to the USA to study at Edinboro University, Pennsylvania. He was mesmerized by the dreamy picture of America as is shown by the African media. But as he arrived at the States, he realized it’s no dreamland and one have to work real hard to make a living. He also saw how the American media depicts Africa and other countries in a negative light. Worst, he had to face lot of discrimination, segregation & invalid judgment.  His experiences in America inspired him to fix the issues of media and simultaneously create a program that will help to make lives better for many international students struggling hard in foreign countries like him. 

Felix started mentoring freshmen from Africa in College at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and Gannon University and gradually his efforts snowballed into a full-fledged student assistance program. Thus, Itoto House was born it was a part of Felix’s project in the final year of his college. Today, the organization is growing globally and by the end of 2018, Felix is hopeful to be able to train/hire engagement representatives to grow further and reach out to more students.

“Itoto House is geared to make international students bold and powerful so that they can bring out the best in them. The best part is that you will receive mentoring from people who have walked in your shoes earlier and are able to understand your situation from your perspective. We are building a sensible, knowledgeable and empathetic community where everyone will receive equal respective, regardless of location, culture, sex or race. We welcome you to a house where everybody is a member of a huge diverse family. We are looking forward to make the world a better place to live in.”

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