DropDeck.io – The Future of Funding is AI-driven, Decentralized, and Incentivized

More and more companies are making coin offerings, mostly of which operate overseas.

“Everyone wants to fund promising companies. DropDeck wants to remove the barriers that keep average funders away from the greatest opportunities,” said the CEO Alon Vo, “There are a lot of existing platforms for you to do that, but we want to build your favorite one. DropDeck is designed to be the one-stop shop that changes the way you fund companies worldwide.”

More and more companies are making coin offerings, mostly of which operate overseas. Doing due diligence on them and verifying sources can be challenging. Some platforms rate and rank these companies, but how the ratings are made, what they are based on, and by whom are often a mystery. The funding process and exiting mechanism are often neither safe nor rewarding enough to funders. Not just coin offering platforms, but funding platforms in general (for startup investment and SME lending) suffer from the same deficiencies. DropDeck seeks to fix this problem.

DropDeck prioritizes inclusion and decentralizes the funding process to the extreme. Anyone can participate in funding, searching for promising companies, evaluating people, performing due diligence, and enforcing repayment. A.I. algorithms are utilized to rate and rank all participants. The consensus mechanism makes sure only the best performing ones are eligible for participation and reward. Token rewards and smart contracts incentivize all participants to do their best to fund companies and reward funders. In the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition, DropDeck earned recognition and support from world-class AI experts, and made findings in complementing AI training with blockchain features.

The market for funding coin offerings, startups, and SMEs is over $300 billion. As capital flows into the DropDeck economy, the token value will increase exponentially. Up to half of the revenue in tokens will be burned, increasing the token value by depleting the total supply. Also the team and advisors have been working with 15 exchanges to guarantee token liquidity.

After substantial interest, DropDeck quickly sold out the presales with no marketing, raising 5,000 ETH.

DropDeck is collaborating with COSS.io (Singapore) and Trustdex (UK) to run our Crowdsale, starting from November 21st, 2017. To participate, please go to https://DropDeck.io

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