Unleash the Future Vitality of the City – Jinmao China – Oujiang International New City Project Advertisement Appears In New York Times Square

A few days ago, after the Chinese national publicity and the South China Sea publicity films showed up in New York Times Square, successfully shocked locals. This was a new urban benchmarking project in development and operation, jointly built by Jinmao China and a well-known local development brand in China. The publicity film presents Wenzhou Oujiang International New City with a simple but atmospheric image coupled with a sonorous and powerful slogan “The beginning of a great city”. It also added some Chinese elements to the “World’s Crossroads”. It also attracted hundreds and thousands of overseas Chinese people, especially those who have collectively travelled across over 130 countries and regions in the world to stop and look at it.

Why did a project from Wenzhou make it to New York Times Square, and what makes them proclaim themselves as “The beginning of a great city”, even going as far as to say ‘a part of the city’s spirit?’ It is understood that Oujiang International New City is another important project in the development and operation of Chinese cities after the upgrading of the “Two-Wing, Two-Wheel” operation strategy. “The beginning of a great city” is not only the pride of Jinmao China’s “Green and Gold” strategy, but is also a tribute to and interpretation of the spirit of Wenzhou.

(Real view of the Meixi Lake New City, Changsha, Hunan)

In 2011, Jinmao China began involvement in the city operations around Meixi Lake in Changsha, Hunan province. In just six years, Meixi Lake has been completely transformed. The image of “harmonious, dynamic, convenient and practical city” which was a theme in the new project won the first British BREEAM award in Asia – the Green Architecture Award.
In 2014, Jinmao China built an international eco-city in Qinglongshan, Nanjing, as the last urban area for large-scale development in East Nanjing. The development of this new town has repeatedly gained international reputation as “a demonstration of China’s Eco-City built with Ecology, Science and Technology and Humanity in mind” and the “Global Human Settlements Award for Planning and Design”.

In 2015, Jinmao China was formally involved in the development and construction of the Qingdao Europe-China International City, and cooperated with top international eco-landscaping designers to promote the ambitions of the world’s third-generation bay area. This allowed China to meet with European specialists, and hold and host a conference in Qingdao. It was one of the important practical projects under the strategic cooperation framework of the Europe-China Eco Cities Link (EC-LINK).

In 2017, Jinmao China came to the Oujiang in Wenzhou and aimed to promote the Oujiang International New City as the strategic core of the Zhejiang bay area. This was the key starting project of the industrial agglomerative core area within 330 kilometers of Oujiang.

(Design sketch of Oujiang New District, Wenzhou)

For Jinmao, this is based on the potential of the city’s vision, integration of international lead in high quality resources. It is also based on the introduction of reasonable alternate urban planning ideas and finally realizes the function of regional and urban vitality and improvements. It is not only the strategic focus of sustainable development in urban development and operations, but is also the future of the city. Based on the overall industrial layout in the integrated development and operation, and integrated services of the city, Jinmao China is in a better position to bring the blueprint of the brand, “Unleash the future vitality of the city” to life.


Due to the problem of Chinese to English translation in the article “Oujiang International New Town Appears on the International Arena, Huge Advertisement Shines on Times Square” that we published on our website on 6th December, 2017, there are some deviations between the two issues.

To avoid misunderstandings, the website clarifies as follows:

In the article, “Nord Anglia Education Group will be introduced in the education field” the correct title should have been “Nord Anglia Education Group will be planning to debut in the education field”. We are still in a negotiation stage, and there is still uncertainty about the follow-up to the debut, the introduction of Nord Anglia International Group to the education field does not rule out subsequent adjustments due to the government’s education division and schools.

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