Rick Botelho Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter for #VoteForTruth Movement

Rick Botelho begins campaign on Kickstarter platform for #VoteForTruth movement.

Rick Botelho, aspiring digital leader, and designer of movements for the greater good of America, has announced the launch of a campaign on Kickstarter for #VoteForTruth movement. Rick believes that the power of words can change mindsets. He has urged like-minded people to join the #MakeAmericaTruthfulAgain campaign and become true patriots.

“I am urging the silent majority to unite and join the #VoteForTruth movement that can help expose the fake news sites and ensure that truth trumps over fake news,” says Rick Botelho, the man known for his unique and powerful hashtags. “Buy the #VoteForTruth T-shirt and become a part of a network that wants to put people ahead of political leanings, identity, and blind loyalty. We want you to support this Kickstarter campaign so that fake news is exposed and the truth emerges.”

Rick wants Americans to join his #VoteForTruth to bring people together and increase turnout of voters in the 2018 mid-term elections which he believes is going to happen.  The wannabe politician believes that without truth there is no democracy and without trust, there is no good government and without good government, there is no accountability to the people.

Rick Botelho is of the opinion that when there is no good government in place and when there is no accountability, then plutocracy sets in. This can easily establish a government for the rich, of the rich, and rigged by the rich.

Rick has been attempting to nudge the silent majority into action through his numerous hashtags. Some of the most famous ones that have struck a chord among the ordinary citizens are:




With these hashtags, Rick wants to call out political abusers and make them accountable to the truth. Of course, there are some persons who do not agree with these tough labels that sent out a strong message. Rick says that their objection rises from the fact that they are psychologically naïve about the dark side of personality disorders. Neo-terrorists win when megalomania, narcissism, and sociopathy take preference over equity, altruism, and accountability.

Rick Botelho wants the silent majority to become true patriots who are free thinkers, always following the path of truth. He is seeking ways of aligning like-minded networks, organizations, and media so that democracy can be rescued from the stranglehold of plutocracy.

The long term strategy of Rick Botelho and his team is to build the #MakeAmericaTruthfulAgain (#MATA) story movement and the short term strategy is to join the #VoteForTruth campaign.

The financial goal of the Kickstarter campaign is $25,000 and the deadline date for hitting the goal is January 5, 2017. The funds raised from the campaign will be utilized to link up to organizations, networks, and the media to promote #MATA and host webinars. The campaigners will also hire Social Media specialists to give an impetus to the #MATA movement.

About #VoteForTruth Campaign:

#VoteForTruth is a movement launched by Rick Botelho, an aspiring digital leader and reputed for his powerful and thought-provoking hashtags. He is also a supporter of Equity and Planetary Health. The campaign also has the objective uniting the silent majority to make truth triumph over fake news.

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