Airwheel H3S Smart Rollator Is Fueled By the Various Technological Advancements

Fueled by the various technological advancements in several developed and developing countries across the globe, mobility solutions are evolving continuously and gaining popularity worldwide. Airwheel H3S Manual Wheelchair utilizes high end digital technology for providing better performance and efficiency.

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In addition to meeting the public’s demands, Airwheel also takes the old and the people with mobility problems into considerations and recently, Airwheel launched several new products and H3S motorized wheelchair is one of them. It is of great importance to release H3S Electric Wheelchair to fill up the blank between automobile and walking for the grey haired which shows its mission—striving to make intelligent transporting devices to replace walking and helps to make everyone’s dream come true. Also, the global market for electric wheelchairs is primarily driven by growing elderly population and need for effective solutions in various indoor and outdoor applications

Airwheel H3S walkers

Airwheel H3S Folding Power chair is the battery supported wheelchairs which reduce the user’s dependence on any external human assistance for movement. They are electricity powered and are supported with multiple functionalities such as smartphone app and automatic folding system and smart controller and so on. The improvement on H3S is not the alternation of speed or range, but the promotion of comfort and utility. It adopts 12.5 inch rear wheels and 8 inch front wheels making H3S Rollator better adapt to different road conditions. The wheels are in Omni-directional design to make it more flexible with 360° steering. The adaptive capacity and passing ability to the road conditions for transporting equipment have great significance.


H3S Motorized chair is optimized to realize easy operation. One single handlebar controller realizes all controls—turning directions and going forward and backward. Importantly, H3S makes its storage easier than ever, by introducing the automatic folding system. When riders arrive at their destination, they can push the fold/unfold button on the handlebar to fit into any space.

Airwheel H3S Walking Stick

Electric wheelchairs utilize high end digital technology for providing better performance and efficiency. The optimized details and design of H3S make people enjoy a wonderful experience. Coupled with the rapidly increasing elderly population and improving infrastructural facilities, the global is expected to boost demand for the electric wheelchairs significantly over the next decades.

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