The Hottest Gift for Christmas Day and 2018 New Year\’s Day: Airwheel Electric Scooters

It is time to learn about it, as it has become the hottest gift for Christmas and New Year’s Day. The following will expound on the Airwheel intelligent electric scooters, from the Airwheel X series, to the latest R series.

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Christmas Day and New Year’s Day is around the corner, have you prepared well? If no, there is another choice for your consideration, and this is the Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter. You may not be familiar with the Airwheel. The following will expound on the Airwheel. Airwheel, as the leader in global portable intelligent transport industry, has released a large variety of electric scooters to satisfy the increasing demands. From the Airwheel X series, to the latest vehicles, Airwheel is making the electric scooters more humanized yet fashionable.

Airwheel Q5

Airwheel X series, Airwheel Q series, and Airwheel S series have their own fans owning to different shiny points. Airwheel X series and Airwheel Q series are well known as the extreme sports, with which riders can realize their extreme sports dream. If we say Airwheel X series and Airwheel Q series are designed for individuals, then the Airwheel S series are for the groups, such as the large scale factories and airport and so on. The appearance of the Airwheel A3, a saddle-equipped scooter is subverting the conventional concepts towards self-balancing scooters.

Airwheel S8MINI

Airwheel Z series, Airwheel E series, and Airwheel R series do not belong to the electric self-balancing scooters. They are controlled via the accelerator mounted on the handles. Z5 has taken more humanized factors in to the design. E series and R series are another milestone for Airwheel. All of the three new vehicles have undergone changes. Small though e bike is, its aluminium alloy frame can bear 100KG load. Airwheel smart e bike makes riding labour-saving and efficient with 20km/h. The built-out modular battery design with USB port empowers them to play a versatile role. Its App realizes fault self-diagnosis and setting speed, except the basic functions like positioning and data checking etc.

Airwheel Z5

It is worth mentioning the Airwheel R5 electric assist bike, latest product in Airwheel is featured by the 3 ride modes and 100km range. With various models, Airwheel is the hottest gift for Christmas Day and New Year.

Airwheel R5

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