At Niche Advice, clients take advantage of deposit levels as low as 10 – 15 percent for mortgages

Nowadays, those who would like to apply for a mortgage have a more difficult time. This is even truer for those who don’t have a high credit score. But at Niche Advice, mortgage applicants are presented with more options – and even lower deposit requirements for their mortgage applications.

UNITED KINGDOM – 13 Dec, 2017 – Applying for a mortgage has never been easy, as the experts from Niche Advice know all too well. And for those who have a low credit rating or are self-employed, the situation becomes even more difficult. As Niche Advice points out, “If you are self-employed with a bad credit score, mortgage products are going to (be) difficult to obtain and the chances are you have already tried and been declined by the lenders with a High Street presence.”

But as Niche Advice also explains, there are still options for individuals who have low or bad credit scores, and these mortgage options are readily available. Niche Advice offers premium assistance to those who are seeking the right kind of mortgage for their circumstances. Niche Advice’s Payam Azadi, one of its most experienced mortgage specialists, explains, “The good news is at Niche Advice we specialise in getting home loans for self-employed mortgage applicants with bad credit. I personally have helped many clients overcome the challenges of getting a mortgage, even though there have been past credit problems, and am more than happy to speak to prospective clients who may have already been rejected down the High Street.”

There is always a solution for those who would like to purchase the property of their dreams, as Niche Advice can attest. This is particularly true if one knows where to go and what to look for when it comes to mortgage deals.

One other piece of good news coming from Niche Advice is with regard to deposits. With Niche Advice’s assistance, clients don’t have to worry about coming up with an exorbitant or unreasonable deposit, even if they have bad credit or are self-employed. Through Niche Advice’s help, clients can present a deposit of as low as 10 to 15 percent.

Since Niche Advice is not connected to any particular bank or lender, clients are not limited in choice. Clients have the opportunity to find exactly what they need when it comes to a mortgage arrangement, and Niche Advice’s experts are there every step of the way to give crucial and necessary guidance and advice. 

About the company:

Niche Advice is a mortgage specialist company providing an independent and personalised service to clients wanting to attain a mortgage. To find out more about a bad credit mortgage, first-time mortgage, buy to let mortgage, and more, visit the company website.   

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