Joanne Du Plessis, beauty injury solicitor, provides crucial information for hair damage compensation

Whilst there has been an increasing number of beauty injuries such as laser injuries, cosmetic injuries, and more in recent years, hair injuries are still some of the most common types of beauty injuries today. Beauty solicitors such as Joanne Du Plessis give victims updated information about the causes of such injuries – and how to get compensation.

UNITED KINGDOM – 13 Dec, 2017 – Joanne Du Plessis, a professional and experienced solicitor offering help and guidance in beauty injuries and other cosmetic injuries, knows all too well how physically and psychologically damaging it can be for someone to suffer from a hair injury or hair damage. As Joanne Du Plessis says, “I receive daily reports of injuries from distressed clients who have been the victim of injuries as a result of hair treatments. Luckily for many, the effects are short lived but for some the injuries have been devastating and they are left with permanent disfigurement. 

Joanne Du Plessis adds, “As well as physical pain, victims of these injuries are likely to suffer mental trauma and loss of self-confidence from being partially disfigured. When a treatment was performed in anticipation of a special occasion, injury is particularly devastating. Past clients have been forced to miss holidays, family weddings and birthday parties due to beauty injuries.” 

For those who have suffered from a hair damage injury, Joanne Du Plessis is ready and able to offer the answers – including what causes such injuries, and what they can do to receive the compensation they deserve. According to Joanne Du Plessis, the most common cause of hair injury is an error made by the stylist, and the next most common cause of hair damage is the use of faulty equipment. The result or consequences of such errors can be quite drastic, and this includes a variety of injuries ranging from allergic reactions to hair loss and second- or third-degree burns. Joanne Du Plessis also explains, “The lack of statutory regulation in this rapidly growing industry is a major contributor to this issue as there is nothing to stop poorly trained or inexperienced hair stylists from starting to offer hairdressing services.” 

Fortunately, getting compensation is entirely possible with the help of specialist solicitors such as Joanne Du Plessis. For anyone suffering from a hair damage injury, the personalised help and care provided by Joanne Du Plessis is very welcome indeed. 

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