Lekocon Paris proudly announces the release of a special limited edition for Christmas

The French Sustainable Fashion Brand has launched a Limited Edition of Ethical & Ecological Clothing for Men Worldwide!

Lekocon Paris has proudly announced the release of a special limited edition for Christmas with up to 50% discount for its customers around the world. The French fashion brand is known worldwide for creating high quality sustainable and comfortable men’s clothing. The company manufactures high-end ecological sweatshirts and t-shirts that are ethical and feature premium design and quality. Moreover, the environmental friendly brand is now offering these great discounts to make the Christmas more special for its customers worldwide.

In addition, the quality men’s wear products manufactured by Lekocon Paris feature creative craftsmanship while respecting the environment. All of these eco-friendly products are available online and can be ordered directly from the brand’s website. Furthermore, with its 100% biological cotton and utmost respect for the environment, the company has banned the use of all toxic fabrics and pollutants in its products. They are committed to protecting the environment and to demonstrate that promise they pledge to donate 5% of their benefits (end of every year) to an association.

The online store of Lekocon Paris is available on the web at:

www.lekocon.com and the company offers shipping all over the world with all of its products so that customers from around the world can get these special limited edition clothing. Promo codes and discount codes are also available online on this website to get the maximum possible discount on each sale.

About Lekocon Paris

Lekocon Paris is a French fashion brand that is based on a simple principle to preserve the environment and protect the nature. All men’s wear products (Tee-shirt, sweatshirt 100% organic cotton…) made by the brand are manufactured in an eco-friendly way to protect and respect the nature and environment. Moreover, the brand is getting an increasing amount of popularity and with this new special discount offer for its limited edition Christmas sale, the brand aims at making the special occasion of Christmas more memorable for its customers.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Alexandre Pham
Email: alexandre.pham@lekocon.com
Phone: +33623956955
City: Paris
State: Paris Ile de France
Country: France
Website: www.lekocon.com