Gordon Ladd’s Kitchen Website Experiencing Dramatic Increase In Traffic In The Run Up To Black Friday and Christmas

San Francisco, CA – Gordan Ladd’s Kitchen, a website dedicated to food lovers, and people who love to cook is delighted to announce that they have recently begun to experience phenomenal growth, as people begin their research in preparation for Black Friday and Christmas. In fact, such has been the surge in demand that on some days the server has been struggling to cope. The staggering growth is presenting the site owner with a pleasant problem to have and eventually it may mean having to redesign the site from the ground up

The owner of the website is fiercely passionate about food, and as well as creating interesting and informative content for the site he also answers questions via the site’s Twitter page, which can be found at https://twitter.com/gordanskitchen. Although most visitors come to the site for the excellent and in-depth kitchen equipment reviews, Gordon does tease the readers with the occasional recipe mainly to demonstrate the benefits of a specific product. As you might expect Gordon is fastidious about the cleanliness of his kitchen which explains why his latest article on the site provides tips and concepts on how to keep your over clean and shiny. This article can be found at https://gordanladdskitchen.com/knowledge/kitchen-basic/easy-ways-clean-kitchen-oven and not only does it provide excellent and relative information about the topic, but it also reveals a little more about the man himself.

“I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people alive today,” said Gordon Ladd, the owner of the website. “I am hugely passionate about the preparation and creation of beautiful and delicious culinary dishes. However, there are already millions of websites that publish recipes so I decided to review and evaluate the thousands of different pieces of technology and gadgetry used to prepare those dishes. When it comes to the preparation of food, I demand the highest standards both of myself and the equipment I use. All of my reviews are done personally by me, and are only written after I have completed my research on the equipment extensively, to get a full understanding of the benefits and negatives of each piece of equipment.”

Gordon Ladd’s Kitchen is an online blog that is focused on the best kitchen appliances and gadgetry used in the creation of beautiful culinary masterpieces. The website provides its readers with in-depth knowledge and information on the best way to organize and arrange a kitchen, to reviews of appliances and occasionally original and unique recipes.

For more information about cooking, or to discover the best appliances to buy, visit the website at https://gordanladdskitchen.com/kitchen

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