Hare & Trove: Emporium of Curated Gift Crates is the New Go-To for Meaningful Gifts

Los Angeles, CA – On December 5 2017, Agatha Trove and Katie Hare launched a Kickstarter campaign for Hare & Trove, a new venture that allows people to purchase carefully curated gift crates containing a vast array of curiosities, fine provisions, and eclectic wares. Hare & Trove also offers customized gift crates, helping clients curate gifts that are extra special and personal.

“Hare & Trove will change the way you shop for gifts – The Love Child of the Mixtape and the Care Package, the Hare & Trove Gift Crate will be your go-to when you need a meaningful, authentic gift,” said Katie Hare.

Say goodbye to impersonal gift baskets and say hello to Hare & Trove Emporium, where you can build custom gift crates using their meticulously curated inventory of gifts, gourmet foods and apothecary items! The Hare & Trove system is carefully organized with hundreds of customization options to make the process of buying great gifts more fun and easier than ever.

HareAndTrove.com will allow you to choose from a variety wooden crates and boxes, name your crate, choose and personalize a greeting card, and even include special items like files, pictures, letters, and more.

Hare & Trove’s mission is to deepen bonds of love and friendship, while providing customers with an authentic and expressive way of shopping for gifts. In addition to custom gifts, Hare & Trove will also be offering pre-curated crates, limited edition, and eclectic one-of-a-kind crates designed by the creators, Agatha and Katie, and guest curators.

“A lot of people are better at expressing themselves aesthetically than they are verbally. Those are the people I want to build Hare & Trove for,” Katie Hare explained.

For this Kickstarter campaign, the team has created a (relatively!) small-scale version of what their website will ultimately offer. Trove and Hair is looking to raise $50,000 before January 7 2018. The funds will go towards shipping rewards to backers and building an amazing website.

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards and add-ons including The Hare’s Tabula Rasa (design your own crate from scratch) for $14, Curator’s Tabula Rasa Case (design your own and get to be a guest curator) for $45, and more. Backers can also choose from several pre-curated and exclusive crates starting at $29.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

Media Contact
Company Name: Hare & Trove
Contact Person: Katie Hare
Email: hello@hareandtrove.com
Country: United States
Website: http://kck.st/2knL5Uf