CBD Company Launches Contest for 1 Year Worth of Free Products

Walnut, California Get the chance to win a year of proven CBD products vetted for quality. The contest is for the launch of CBD.co, which was recently acquired by Grey Cloak Tech (OTCQB: GRCK).

CBD.co is a trusted and compliant company that offers high-quality CBD products. The CEO of CBD.co talks about how the company envisions these legal, safe, and effective CBD products to help more Americans. “We want to bring this amazing compound to more people in the United States.” For this reason, the owners created CBD.co which “is like the Amazon of CBD. It is a marketplace where consumers can research, compare, and purchase all types of CBD product from the top brands.”

To promote CBD products to a wider group of people, the company launched a contest for those interested in using CBD products. The contest mechanics are simple. First, Visit CBD.co and enter a valid email address to join the contest via their website. To increase chances of winning over $1000 worth of CBD products, contestants can to refer as many friends as they want to the contest. This increases your chances of winning for each additional person you refer.

It should be noted that CBD, or Cannabidiol, is legal in the USA if it is properly derived from the stock and stems of the hemp plant (not marijuana). It boasts many medical benefits without making people feel “high”; unlike how the psychoactive chemical in marijuana does, THC. Also unlike THC, Cannabidiol has few if any side effects to those who are treated with it. In recent years, it became difficult for those looking for CBD to find safe and quality brands online. It is for this reason that CBD.co was created.

Grey Cloak Tech is set to boost awareness of CBD.co with its recent acquisition. The company purchased the CBD.co domain last month and now plans to launch the CBD marketplace in December of this year. CBD.co is expected to be the leading provider of safe and quality CBD products over the internet.

Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. is now the owner of the practitioner-focused CBD company Eqova Life Sciences and CBD.co domain. The website is set to be the go-to resource for buying and selling top-rated CBD products at the lowest prices.

For more information, visit their website at https://cbd.co. Grey Cloak Tech is located at 340 S. Lemon Ave #5050 Walnut, CA 91789.

For inquiries, call them at 1-844-528-9223 or email them at hi@cbd.co.

Media Contact
Company Name: Grey Cloak Tech, Inc.
Contact Person: Erika Lehman
Email: hi@cbd.co
Phone: 1-844-528-9223
Address:340 S. Lemon Ave #5050
City: Walnut
State: California
Country: United States
Website: cbd.co/