Dr. Sean Mahoney, a Burlington-based, experienced, and successful chiropractor and spine specialist who has been practicing chiropractic since 1986, this week announced advances in non-surgical disc herniation, bulging disc, and sciatica treatment for patients.

Announcing advancements to his “Severe Back and Spinal Disc Treatment Program,” Dr. Mahoney works toward helping pain sufferers avoid spine surgery, potential complications, and monetary drains from massively expensive surgeries and medical procedures.

“When one considers surgical costs, medications, magnetic resonance imaging, rehabilitation, and disability, the average spine surgery patient is staring down over $100,000 by the end,” said Dr. Mahoney, Owner of Mahoney Family Chiropractic, LLC.

Back pain and discomfort is a reality for millions of Americans today. Fortunate 500 companies spend over $500 million per year on avoidable back surgeries for their workers, losing as much as $1.5 billion in indirect costs that come with back pain procedures. Missed work, lost productivity, and lack of focus plague these afflicted individuals, according to a two-year study conducted by Consumer’s Medical Resource (CMR).  However, patients who refused surgery and opted for an alternative through less invasive procedures reported experiencing healthier and more satisfying outcomes.

To date, Dr. Mahoney has treated patients ages 26 to 87, with an 80% success rate for chronic back and disc pain patients.

“Patients from around Burlington, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, and Quebec have pursued this non-invasive program for their chronic pain,” said Dr. Mahoney. “Though this program can’t help absolutely everyone, an 80% success rate of reporting good to excellent results is top-notch for this kind of condition. Not to mention, patients are able to circumnavigate the hundreds of thousands of dollars that come with the invasive approach. Spread the word, and consider an easier back pain alternative with the Severe Back and Spinal Disc Treatment Program.”

Dr. Mahoney has been working within his back and spinal treatment program since 2005. As of this month, he has added advances to the program, working to improve the program’s effectiveness and support to chronic back pain sufferers of all ages.

For more information, visit: www.drseanp.com.

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