European School of Economics to Tie Up With the University of Chichester to Accredit All Their Business and Economics Courses

Starting January 8, 2018, European School of Economics and University of Chichester will come together to offer industry focused Business and Economics courses

European School of Economics (ESE) is forging a new partnership with the prestigious University of Chichester. After this collaboration comes into effect, all the courses previously offered by ESE will be accredited by the University. This will include all the specializations in the Business Administration that the school currently offers. Interested students will be able to apply to these courses both online or offline at any of the ESE centers.

ESE’s move to collaborate with the University of Chichester, a partner that shares its belief system, is intended to broaden the scope of the school’s courses. It will enable ESE to offer all of its new degree courses in each of its European centers.

ESE, as an institution of global repute, offers industry-focused Management courses through its many centers across the world, including New York, London, Milan, Madrid, Florence and Rome. Each of these cosmopolitan cities is a melting pot of cultures and ideas. Naturally, these campuses offer excellent international exposure to ESE’s students. The students learn in an enriching environment that allows them to think across borders and across cultures, resulting in a well-rounded thought process. This is in line with the founding philosophy of ESE, which values complete individuals, who are full of freedom of thought, integrity, innovation, and learning. In fact, it is this wholesome educational method that has created a brand name for ESE. The ESE method is inspired by the ancient Greek education system. This system demands dynamism, vibrant interaction, and a problem solving attitude.

Similarly, University of Chichester believes in enriching the educational experience by creating a diverse and thought-provoking learning environment. They believe in the power of diversity and its ability to drive innovation and inspiring leadership. Their philosophy too encourages a studentcentered education system.

With this collaboration, two institutions that are working towards a common goal have joined hands and are envisioning a shared future. As a result, the world will see truly global entrepreneurs budding out of these campuses.

All the information related to the newly accredited courses is available on the ESE website. The new courses are going to kick start in 2018. Those who want to know more about the collaboration or want to inquire about the courses can visit the website here:

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